When I first started the blog, I had no idea which way she was gonna roll.

Fashion or interiors, design or decoration…it was all the same to me. Until closer inspection this entire last season revealed tons of my personal street style that was neither here nor there, rather relying on frivolous rants and my daily raves. Sooooooooooooo, here’s the new deal peeps…every post this month will feature a little bit of both…after all, style is style no matter what the medium, right??!
Hopefully by summer’s end, I’ll sucker y’all (and myself) into believing I’m an expert on both! muahahahahah. Here’s to a brand new month and a brand new lease on the well-lived life! Cheers!
Wearing: Nikka Beaded Silk Top, Vintage Leather Skirt, Vintage belt and pink leather clutch, Arden B. earrings, H&M hosiery (already running after 1 wear, sheesh!), Natasha jeweled ring and gold bangle, Steve Madden Plats
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Btw, did y’all happen to catch the premiere of Million Dollar Decorators yesterday on Bravo?
Holy schmacks it’s like I’ve died and gone to designer heaven!!!
It’s akin to sneaking a peek into Brad and Angie’s, Posh and Becks’, and Oprah’s lives…they’re all friggin’ major superstars in the industry and ohsofun to watch!
Catch Mary McDonald and co. every Tuesday night on Bravo!!!
Thank the lord for Andy Cohen! Seriously dunno what I’d do without him!
(can’t you tell by my superfluous use of exclamations!!!!!!!)


  1. Fabolous you and the wall behind you! Love art deco wallpapers. The vintage acessories are to die for! Well done.
    Don't miss my first giveaway! beijosss

  2. =) Julie! Guess what? I just put an offer on a place last week so maybe that'll give you a new project? I probably won't be able to afford what you have in mind but would love to get your input anyway. Really, I'd just like to catch up.

  3. Fantastic photos! Fantastic style, and you are amazing!
    You've got me a style idea! 😀
    I look forward to your advice and opinions on my blog!

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