It’s no surprise that I’ve had this ongoing love affair with gold since stepping foot into Kelly Wearstler’s office during my college intern days.
Every morning met with shiny reflective surfaces of polished gold, burnished gold, rose gold, hammered gold, honed gold, gold leaf, gold nuggets, gold brass, everything gilded and just gleaming with perfection.  She was a lover of ALL metallics I soon learned, but just something about that time spent studying under Kelly and working on her myriad of exotic projects that really stuck and still resonates today.

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I swore that one of my designs, somewhere, somehow would be bathed in all that glorious light from the wall-to-wall, if not floor-to-ceiling. Alas, I’m all grown up, with my very own place, able to design whatever I please, and you know what’s the first thing that went up?

Yup, you guessed it honey: A gold ceiling fit for this golden era! There’s something to be said about bathing yourself with your favorite colors; instant mood-enhancers if you will, growing in strength over time, and giving off such positive vibes that seep into your everyday life.

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If everyone simply painted their surfaces with their favorite hues, I swear this world would be a much happier, healthier place! If not a wall or ceiling, try new accent pillows or a fresh vase of your favorite floral. Simple, 2-second tips to enhance your daily living y’all. Start small and work your way up!


How would you incorporate your favorite colors into interiors?




  1. I feel like I just went to interior decor heaven! Gold is such a beautiful and regal color and a fantastic and luxurious palette to play with anywhere but especially in a home.Great selections and thanks for stopping by my blog….xx

  2. Wow you interned with Kelly Wearstler? Nice! I bet her office was A-mazing! Yup I am a big fan of gold and metallics too.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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