I’ve been living in color for so many years now it’s a nice change of pace to finally cool it down and relax the vibe before redecorating all over again.
The ongoing curse of every interior designer y’all.
 While you spend all of your money on clothes and shoes, I’m the gal that drops thousands on furnishings and home accents. Swap out a chair here; add some accessories there, currently inspired by the metallic mixed tones of Jean Louis Deniot’s Parisian flat from Elle Décor.

The Look of Neutrals

Getting the pad ready for a little fall remix and I’m a bit surprised by how much I really do love the serenity that comes with neutralizing territory. The soft color-washed walls remind me of Paris, mornings spent on a beautiful terrace sipping coffee overlooking the Seine, afternoons spent shopping the vintage marts of the Marais, and romantic evenings drinking wine until I fall asleep in the arms of my lover…

That’s the magic of beautiful interiors, instantly seduces you to delusions of grandeur

Sounds like the perfect way to live, dontcha think?…




  1. I am having such a fun time flipping through your site, you are such an fun artsy girl!
    Making a decision about a dress is tough enough for me; making a decision about home color is eye, mind and soul wrenching experience.

    From Jing at http://www.bejingxu.com

  2. Omgosh I totally understand the interior design curse. Every time I see something beautiful it always inspires me to add more decor or change it up. These pics are definitely making me feel like that again heheh 🙂


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