I’ll bet my entire coat collection that every household in Orange County owns at least 1 item from Ikea.

I’ll even bet a few designer handbags that’s certain your 1 item from Ikea is now either broken, damaged, dinged, tattered, frayed, or long forgotten. What we love most about Ikea is usually what we learn to hate about it in the long run: Inexpensive comes with major instability.

Case in point: Ikea’s GRANÅS dining chair

The Problem

Made from steel and flax straw, this chair was built for casual comfort, but definitely not built to last. The straw from the seat has been unraveling with every use and now litters the floor beneath it with remnants of a sad and once stalwart journey. Here’s hoping with a little TLC and a few extra bucks, I can return ragged GRANÅS to newfound glory:

What you’ll need:

• Measuring tape
• Heavy Duty Staple Gun
• Screwdriver/ Power Driver
• Pencil/Marker
• Scissors
• 1/2″ Medium Density Upholstery Foam
• Fabric Remnants

Step 1

Unscrew the seat from the metal frame and measure the seat dimensions accordingly.

Step 2

Lay the foam on a flat surface and measure to seat dimensions.
Mark and cut the foam to size.

Step 3

Lay the fabric over the seat and foam.
Make sure to leave a minimum 4″ fabric border around all sides before cutting.
If the fabric has a design on it, make sure to center the pattern before cutting.
When finished cutting all four sides, lay the fabric on a flat surface (back side up, front side down), lay the foam padding atop the fabric, and the original seat directly above the foam.

Step 4

Starting with the widest sides (16″), fold the fabric once to guard the fraying, and twice to overlap directly onto the seat. Make sure the fabric is wrapped taut and tight and start stapling away. Try to staple in multiple directions (horizontal and vertical) to minimize any subsequent movement of the fabric. Repeat on opposite side (the other 16″)

Step 5

Tightly wrap the fabric at the corners and fold the fabric onto the edge as you would wrap a gift. Staple sides before wrapping onto the seat and repeat step 4 until all sides are completely stapled.

Step 6

Screw the seat back onto the frame
Your newly reupholstered chair in 6 easy steps!

The Verdict

Time: 20 minutes
Cost: (Fabric and Foam for 6 chairs): $20

Tips and Tricks:

Visit your local upholsterer/ fabric store for fabric remnants and foam. I was able to score Kravet upholstery fabric for less than $5/yd (normally over $70/yd) to complete this project since they had fabric leftover from another job. Same goes for upholstery foam. Measure your requirements before buying so you can purchase scraps for less.
Since this particular chair seat was made primarily from woven flax straw, stapling directly onto existing material makes for fast and easy reupholstering.
I’ve been feeling super domestic lately so watch for a new DIY series to launch on Haute Khuuture…starting with this one! If you have any other DIY inquiries with fashion or furniture, drop me a line and I’ll be sure to address most (if not all) of your concerns! Happy DIY’ing!


  1. Wow… when I saw the chairs yesterday… they really did bring a sophistication back into the dining area. Love it! Before I ever toss a piece of furniture, I will run it by JKID first!

  2. This is awesome! Just bought the Granas dining set off Craiglist and the chairs aren't too bad but really uncomfortable. This is just what I was looking for!

  3. Its a good idea but I'd recommend getting 4 squares of chipboard cut to the size of the seat, cover these and throw the old ones away. The fabric will staple more securely and you'll get a neater finish

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