Gosh I don’t remember the last time I breaked for meals in Vegas.

In between the slot- scouting, cocktail-flagging, sun(less)-tanning, marathon-shopping, camera-snapping, guns-blazing frenzy that makes up all my Vegas trips, I rarely schedule time to pencil in sit-downs.


Not that I don’t frequent the five and dimes for a quickie or help myself to complimentary goldfish at the pai gow tables, I DO eat mind you…just not long enough to intervene with the barrage of festivities I diagram for my girls before these impromptu trips. Kinda takes the spontaneity out of it I know, but man, I could make a living out of professional organization if I wasn’t a designer. Nevermind that our itinerary reads like a defunct dossier outlining the best times to pool, picture, and party, at least I’ve got our priorities straight.


But the one thing I always, ALWAYS make time for?….Restaurant Design! I’m committing an entire day sans party posse to flag down and highlight the best the city has to offer, this time with a spotlight on City Center since I’ve never been. I’m hoping to bring you the hautest in avant-garde architecture, expert detailing, and just an overall wit and humour I find the most appealing in any dining establishment. I’m all about a complete sensory experience, so if the interior can’t draw me in, no 10-course, Michelin appraised meal is going to make me stay.

City Center’s Fine Dining at a Glance


Noteworthy Restaurant Design: Shibuya at MGM Grand
Designed by Yabu Pushelberg.
Love the effect of escapism in this space. Feels like you’ve been transported to a technicolored Tokyo fishing town the minute you step inside enhancing your entire dining experience as a result.

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