It’s pretty safe to say that I am Jack/Jill of all trades, but master of NONE my loves.

Aside from my 24/7 professional career as an interior designer, I sometimes moonlight as event planner for birthdays, baby showers, and most recently weddings! Seeing as how I’m very far from planning my own (by design, of course ;D) I really do love all the hoopla surrounding wedded matrimony when it comes to others.

It’s the hopeless romantic side of me who cries during random commercials and sobs reading Style Me Pretty’s most popular posts. You know what J.Lo says in the Wedding Planner, “Those who can’t do, teach, and those who can’t wed, PLAN”…lol. It’s the curse/blessing of the habitual organizer. See what works and what doesn’t so you get it right when it comes to your own. But don’t tell that to my brides, shhhhhh….

Sneak Peek | Vintage Glam Wedding Design

Just a little sneak peek into the Vintage Glam wedding I’m planning/designing/styling/executing/coordinating this Saturday, PHEW!…Yup, in 2 friggin’ days dude…GAHHHHH!!! Excited and nervous at the same time…this is how brides must feel! Lol…




Can’t wait to show you how everything goes down the day of!  Follow my Instagram here so you don’t miss a deet luvahs!




  1. All of these photos are wonderfully beautiful and feminine. I'm also a hopeless romantic, but more for the aesthetics (like the photos above!) than anything else.. go figure! 😉 I adore the perfection of weddings; the pretty and delicate dresses, beautiful smells of perfume and flowers and everything else in between! Lovely post! 🙂
    – I follow back on Bloglovin' –


  2. lovely wedding inspiration….I do love weddings, but sometimes (as last month when I had to attend four of them) I do get tired of them!

  3. Gorgeous inspiration, I'm helping a friend plan a wedding soon so this is perfect! Love your lace shorts in the post below too.

  4. Oh my gosh beautifullllll!!!!! seriously such great photos. thanks for the compliment on the new blog design love!!! I really appreciate it! Glad you got to see it!


  5. Hey Julie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I began blogging in January so I am fairly new to the blog world but so far am loving it! I love your posts and especially the wedding styling it is so pretty and timeless. You rock girl! If you have any advice on blogging/promoting myself I would greatly appreciate it!
    Lauren @ThisGirlDecor

  6. I love your writing style, it's almost poetic! I enjoy reading it very much, probably because you describe thoughts which I share with you 🙂 Your outfit is very nice, simple yet stylish and of a good quality. Perfect combination!
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