For those of you who have been following along, since Day One, since Design Star, or just since yesterday as you were trying to look for runway worthy Haute Couture, I just wanted to send a HUGE heart-heavy THANK YOU from the inside of my soul for your support.

Just 100 posts ago, I never thought anyone would read my baby blog, yet here you are, like little pink tongues and furry wagging tails seeing me through to yet another glorious day.


Although I’ve yet to hear from many of you {even though I know you’re lurking from my stats :D}, please know that I LOVELOVELOVE comments, good or bad, constructive or even just a bit caustic…I love it all. So please, send your thoughts my way and I’ll be sure to consider it when researching for new raw material. Want more interiors? More fashion? More of my everyday ramblings? Hit me up on the blogroll, FB, email, even Words with friends (username:khuulikethat)… If I can see it, touch it, feel it, wear it, live it, breathe it- I’m Game!!! *brownie points if I can eat it*

In the meantime…I’m dedicating this 100th post to the ever so ubiquitous cause:



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THANKS again for reading guys!!!
I love what I do and I do it all for YOU!!!…
{ok, not really…I’m really doing it for me, but YOU, you my dear are a VERY close second ;D}
Help me help YOU define your style!!

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