With Lunar New Year looming just around the bend, I always make it a point to rearrange the corners of my home (and subsequently my mind) to mix things up a bit.

It’s totally a superstitious Asian thing (one I buy into every January it seems) to clean up the mess left behind by another bad year gone by. Yes 2011, I’m talkin’ to YOU…

Naturally this calculated maneuver helps the incoming energy to circulate and settle with no problemo *here’s hoping*. Stripping down to a minimal (albeit far from bare) black and white color scheme invites your imagination to conjure up what could be, instead of what you already know doesn’t work.

images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Right now I’m feeling pops of color everywhere.
And yes, tangerine may just make it into the mix.


  1. All of these ideas are great, though I'm especially impressed with all the symmetry in the pic with the round mirror.

  2. Im chinese too so i know what you mean! Ive been decluttering since january 1 and im hoping i get enough done before new years begins!


  3. This post is just perfect since I've been browsing for designs for my studio unit. The fist picture is just perfect! I like the picture frame.. It's funky…I hope I can find something similar with that here in our place,,


  4. I'm loving so much those spaces dear! Utterly glamorous and fabulous! Would like to spend some time here…:) Have a beautiful weekend! kisses

  5. Ugh, I love your interior style. Currently playing Sims to get the feeling of decorating a house with all the money in the world 🙂

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