Not sure what to do with that large expanse of wall behind your (insert “X” area here)?

Well, look no further than a honkin’ huge piece of abstract artwork to take your room from drab to fab with only $500 and a blank white box…Hey wait, wrong show-whoops. Some nights (like last night) I wake up with hot flashes of my DS debut and have nightmares dreams of reliving that first episode…


I’d love to see a “Design Star” collabo with “Work of Art” to create environments that are somehow elevated by the presence of the other medium. Maybe start with all the fittings of the interior and allow the artist to execute one large piece to anchor the room? Or maybe establish the painting and create an experience around it with furniture and accessories? Either way, the presence of artwork in any space renders it immediately exciting and mysteriously provocative. There’s something so dramatic about centering a large and colorful focal point in a room and allowing the space to live and breathe around it.


photo credit: Suzanne Kasler

Consigned to the living area, there’s never a shortage of conversation starters. Place it in the bedroom and you’ll wake up stimulated every morning. Nestle it in your favorite reading nook and slowly watch it develop into an entirely new character each time. Stage the space with a singular standout piece and pretty soon your entire home will be vibrating with a newfound sense of flair and flash.

photo credit: everything fabulous

Now if I paint some blue waves at my headboard, you think it’d help me relax or regurgitate?…Hahahah maybe a little bit of both, but hey, at least I’m inspired 😀

photo credit: country home
photo credit: Metropolitan Home
photo credit: Studio Anetta
photo credit: Jamie Drake Design
photo credit: Western Interiors
photo credit: Elle Decor
photo credit: vintage and chic
photo credit: KWID


  1. I had to look up "regurgitate" to rush or to surge back. Good word:) Maybe a bit of both alright… Tranquil breeze at night and surfing in the morning!

  2. LOL… that's what I thought, but I thought it may have a different meaning or use in design. LOL, I'm still laughing at myself:) Awww… trama shall pass!

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