Currently going through some MAJOR life and work transitions and numero uno on my list?

The redesign of my JKID studio.

The Plan

Been looking to incorporate some new elements like a shared worktop where I can lay out all my projects while going over the little deets with my team. It’s been difficult to maneuver between commercial and residential projects without being completely obliterated by mountains of paperwork piling high without a designated space for it all.


 Love the idea of floor-to-ceiling shelving where I can store miscellaneous samples and a makeshift project moodboard.


Baskets with marked labeling for ease of identifying and retrieval…

And of course we can’t neglect the practicality of a partner’s desk where brainstorming sessions are quite the necessity.

1/ 2

Will slave away looking for more ideas but in the meantime, hope your week’s off to the most productive start sweets!




  1. If you could work in those shallow drawers I think you would hit a home run!
    Staying organized has been one of the most difficult things in my life. I'm a multi-tasker, I keep everything in my head, but stacks & piles are not functional any longer, and now every single day I put everything back where it belongs, no matter what time it is. It works to be disciplined.

  2. I love the 1st, 2nd and 5th photos! I know what you mean. There's something about this big desks that make you want to "work". Funny though, I always find myself on my best working behavior when there's a big arm chair involved. Good luck on your redecorating project! Looking forward to the finished look! xx

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