The sight of designer DVF robes alone makes me want to book the first flight to London and check into the Piano Suite at Claridge’s Hotel.

Coupled with cozy cashmere blankets, Asprey toiletries, and a personal butler service…Geezus I am DYING over Diane’s digs as we speak.
The latest collabo in Haute Hotels marries fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg of wrap dress-come- “The City” fame with Mayfair’s premiere 5-star luxury hotel Claridge’s to design 20 sumptuous rooms and suites, 4 of which recently opened to the public just two months ago in June.

The mixture of playful prints and patterns, bold colors and bespoke furnishings, as well as personal photographs taken by Diane herself makes you feel like you’re living in her own chic pied-á-tèrre on the Left Bank in Paris.

Having been a famed client of Claridge’s for over 30 years, Diane suggested that their art deco decor could use a mini-makeover to which they exuberantly requested that she try her hand at the renovation herself. I mean who better to revive this traditional establishment than fashion’s most sought-after modern gal-on-the-go?

Delighted at the looming task at hand, this Belgian-born fashion designer enlisted her longtime pal and venerated decorator Olivier Gelbsmann to assist in this fabulous transformation.

“Claridge’s is the most glamorous hotel in the world,” said von Furstenberg, “hotels like this don’t exist anymore and the legacy must be respected!” Italian dressing tables, Middle Eastern cocktail bars, custom furniture crafted by British artisans, Parisian glass fixtures, and Oriental textiles…

Claridge’s by DVF is indeed the ultimate epitome of Modern Global Glamour! From one fashionista to the next, book your next stay HERE to pretend you’re Posh Spice on holiday with your gorgeous futbol-playing husband. Triple tots not included, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty of ways to stay occupied.

via DVF


  1. Debs and I really love the design and concept. Wish this could be ours! It's not within the budget at this time, but one day it will be possible!!!

  2. Yes…one day…Technically that day can come as soon as y'all wanna give me a tiny budget and a huge challenge- C'mon I've been itching to do something with that sad little living room of yours ;D

  3. I'm back looking at these design again. 2005 you designed my place to perfectly appeased my soul. You gave me…my personal temple where I can surrender the busy body and laid my head down on a piece of peace. Thanks for delivering some of my most precious memories at Lace Leaf Lane! Today I find myself attracted to vintage with a twist of modern. I love furniture pieces that takes us back into history. Pieces that tells stories or at least look like it can has a story…LOL. Will let you know when the tiny budget is here… perhaps coming soon! XOXO

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