In an effort to feng-shui my workspace, I spent the latter half of yesterday evening cleaning out my double-stacked bookshelf which included all of my old design school artwork and tons of back-copied House and Garden Mags…aww tear.

Even though everyone and their mamas yearns for the Domino of yesteryear like it’s their discontinued signature scent, I don’t quite share the same sentiment. You can literally find scores of suspended Domino images all over the web, but H&G? A little more elusive, a lot more valuable in my eyes.

Where all of my other ID subscriptions require me to mentally carve out an entire hemisphere of my cerebral capacity to consume them (which usually equals a good few hours/mag x 6 mags = a whole lotta hours dude), House and Garden reads like US Weekly where you’re scanning oodles of fabulous photos with fresh and light copy to keep you content and comforted by the splendor in simplicity. No fuss, no muss, just plain lovely page after page. It’s the Page Six equivalent to the New York Post, a nice airy respite to news that could seem super depressing and at times too serious for an early Friday morning.



One of my fave frequent features? The “Vanity” section where stylists outfit a tablescape with chic and sophisticated color combos to inspire beauty {before the actual application of beauty} in an effort to encourage designing for the “Well-Lived Life” one small space at a time.
scanned from House and Garden mags circa 2004-2005
via House and Home mag
Started with the workspace, now on to the rest of the studio!!!
Happy Friday guys!!! Make it a beautiful and productive weekend!!

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  1. Vanity and sense of…everything has a home:P Nice for people like me who tend to put things down in places they don't belong and drive myself crazy to search for it:P

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