I truly believe that gratitude and self-love are the two most important aspects of a well-lived life.

I spent most of my twenties hating every inch of my body; wishing my legs were longer, wishing my teeth were straighter, wishing I had washboard abs, huge doe eyes, and Angelina Jolie’s pout. Let’s be honest here, now that I’m pushing 40 (yikes!) I no longer wish for these attributes, I work for them.

While I cannot do anything about my height (5’-1” on a good day) what I realize is that longer legs, straighter teeth, and fillers won’t make me any happier than winning the lottery, none of which I earned because I worked hard for it.

I have learned that the difference between ultimate happiness and mere contentment lies in effort.

The more effort you put in to working for what you want, the happier you will be once you finally reach your goal.

How I Practice the Art of Self-Love

Wake up with a positive mental attitude

I start my day by taking the pups out. Their little faces, wet kisses, and wagging tails just DOES it for me. Clearly I need children, like STAT! lol Figure out what you LOVE to wake up to (your favorite tune, a kiss from your partner, the smell of coffee) and do MORE of that.

Eat breakfast

After downing a cup of hot water with lemon, then 8oz of green juice, followed by one cup of coffee, I then proceed to make breakfast. Breakfast is not only my biggest meal of the day, it’s also my favorite since it’s one that I get to enjoy with le hubs before he leaves for work. Powering up with lean protein, leafy greens, and simple carbs gets my day off to the most balanced start and provides the energy I need to tackle a busy day.


I learned to love exercise. After having gained the freshman 15 (more like 30lbs) in my first year of college, I hated the way I felt and looked. Sluggish, tired, heavy, and bloated, I KNEW I had to make a change if I wanted a healthier lifestyle. I subscribed to Shape Magazine and Men’s Fitness and read up on everything I could to learn more about health, nutrition, exercise, and proper dieting.  Once I applied the knowledge I gained from the fitness magazines, the pounds just started to melt off. I had never felt more satisfied losing weight since I worked my ass off trying to do so. Success always feels so much sweeter with a ton of sweat mixed in.

Limit processed foods, refined sugars and unnecessary carbs

Feeling good from the inside out has everything to do with the proper diet. Have you ever noticed how lethargic you feel after a bowl of pho or rice? No, it’s not the MSG babes, that’s an urban myth. It’s the unnecessary carbohydrates that is weighing you down. I challenge you to not eat rice, noodles, or bread this week and record how you feel each day. You will see that once you eliminate processed foods from your diet how much better you feel and how much more energy you have.  I never restrict myself from eating anything, I just know to limit the intake and not binge when that entire bag of Cheetos is calling my name. Everything in moderation my loves!!

Set goals and Work Hard

This year has been completely life-changing for me. From working with Tastemade Home to having just completed my two-episode arc as the designer on Oprah Winfrey’s Network design makeover show: Home Made Simple, I can honestly say, I have never been more grateful for the surge of film/TV opportunities in this later phase of my life.  I have worked my ass off to get here and will continue to strive to do and be better every day that I am alive. Because health is wealth and I am grateful for the strength of my mind, body, and spirit to lead the way.

Dream, Believe, Achieve

I am my biggest fan.

Try repeating that out loud to yourself. Now try repeating that line again in the mirror but this time really, REALLY mean it. Did you do it without wincing?

The key to self-love is believing that you are worthy of the infinite, unlimited, superfluously immeasurable amount of love available to you HERE and NOW.

It all starts from within.

You will be loved because you love yourself. You are worthy of love because you love yourself. You deserve all the love you can imagine because you love yourself.

Once I learned to love myself I maintained the art of self-love by repeating the above day in, day out. Success comes from practicing daily. Don’t beat yourself up when you’ve had a bad day, simply reset and start again tomorrow.  Stop wishing and start working babes!


Lounge Set: c/o Shein | Sports bra: Victoria’s Secret

You will see that happiness and self-love is yours for the taking. Pure joy emanates from within and it is only when you are truly happy with yourself that you can find your way to ultimate bliss.

I can honestly say that at the ripe old age of 38, I have never felt better about myself and my body. I worked hard for these abs. I worked my ass off to book these gigs. I continually work on myself, mind, body, and spirit so that I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my greatest asset is my indomitable will.

I want to start a new discussion leaving every post with a question instead of merely wishing you a great day.

When was the last time you truly loved yourself? In your body, flaws and all?



  1. Stephanie Hoang Reply

    Love your posts. This one definitely caught my eyes as self love is something most people are lack of. Thanks for sharing. Similar to you I used to wish for….. now at the age of 39, I learned to love myself and have never been happier. Keep up the amazing work and keep on inspiring us. ????

    • Julie Khuu Reply

      Aw Steph thank you SO much for stopping by babe! You just made my day with this note ???? It’s so important to take care of yourself first so you can be of service to others, that is something I care so much about as mental health affects everyone around you. Cheers to being that beacon of light that paves the way for us all ????

  2. Such a beautiful and empowering post. I am now 30 and yes, I have also learned to accept that this is how I look. And wow, you are beautiful carina, and truly don’t look your age!

    The Flower Duet

    • Julie Khuu Reply

      Oh Marie you flatter!! ???? I learned to love this body, flaws and all. I draw strength from my weaknesses and work on what I want to change. Because I have the power and need to take responsibility! Nothing can break the will of a strong woman!! ????????????????????

  3. I love you, Julie Khuu!! You’re beautiful inside and out. This post was so inspiring and empowering. Love is where it starts and where everything is possible.

    • Julie Khuu Reply

      Love YOU Wooster!! ???? Love our beautiful authentic friendship that started from nothing and look at where we are now ????‍❤️‍????‍???? You give love, you get love!

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