‘Tis the season to roll out some fresh designer collections from some of my favorite home brands.

Much like how fashion houses collaborate with well-known designers in the industry, home retailers follow suit and enlist some heavy hitters to help create furniture and home décor collections that speak to their inimitable style and aesthetic. I’m currently in the sourcing phase for some of my personal client projects and came across so many home collections that I’m simply lusting over. If you’re looking for some cool new pieces to refresh your home or if you’re trying to furnish an empty canvas, this video is for you!


CB2 x Lenny Kravitz

1. Cast Metal Coffee Table https://bit.ly/3v2UXD8 

2. Passage Throw Pillow https://bit.ly/3lvRTvY

3. Black 4-Piece Sectional https://bit.ly/3lsIYeW

4. Ramble Table Lamp https://bit.ly/3BMf9ff

5. Hani 72” Velvet Bench https://bit.ly/3v9AIDN

6. Sojourn Ogo Natural Bed https://bit.ly/3v5OOWW 

7. Imbu Boucle Sectional https://bit.ly/3v1Puwk 

Anthropologie x At Heart & At Home  

1. Modern Barrel Leather Chair https://bit.ly/3v3NraU

2. Violette Lounge Chair https://bit.ly/3DqLkRu 

3. Mari Dining Table https://bit.ly/3iROK8b  

4. Minka Textured Pots https://bit.ly/3atKMy0 

5. Rylie Counter Stool https://bit.ly/3lwyUBv 

6. Hudson Mirror https://bit.ly/3aqyNkz 

7. Inkwell Table Lamp https://bit.ly/3aqyNkz 

Anthropologie x Lit From Within 

1. Boro Stripe Accent Chair https://bit.ly/3luOI7S 

2. Simone Floral Effie Tripod Dining Chair https://bit.ly/3azBmAR 

3. Ashton Caned Accent Chair https://bit.ly/2YHIvfK 

4. Evelyn Desk https://bit.ly/3lsRZVk 

5. Goleta Sofa https://bit.ly/2YGd3yt 

6. Maren Swivel Chair https://bit.ly/3luaKaY 

7. Anya Travertine Dining Table https://bit.ly/3BsYTiV 

8. Lemieux et Cie Avenir Side Table https://bit.ly/2X396nb 

Urban Outfitters x Desert Retreat Home Collection 

1. Huron Storage Console https://bit.ly/3mE6Ewe  

2. Emil Floor lamp https://bit.ly/3asVHrD  

3. Imari Arch Table Lamp https://bit.ly/3DxtnB6  

4. Floria Velvet Chair https://bit.ly/3DvWIvv  

5. Huron Low Storage Shelf https://bit.ly/3mPBVwu 

6. Tristan Ceramic Pendant Light https://bit.ly/2X3Vjgj  

Lulu and Georgia x Malene Barnett 

1. Malou Wallpaper https://bit.ly/3oXiCDN  

2. Alaari Wallpaper https://bit.ly/3DzbfXj  

3. Mosaic Wallpaper https://bit.ly/3iWyz9x  

4. Tristan Pendant Light https://bit.ly/3iXya70  

5. Cultiver Linen Bedding, Mustard Duvet Set https://bit.ly/3oZUZdV  

6. Harlowe Swivel Chair https://bit.ly/3iScfOA  

7. Shaka Accent Chair https://bit.ly/3iXyBya  

Tappan Collective x Jenni Kayne 

1. Marc Gabor San Carlos https://bit.ly/3BWZg5v 

2. Jacques Burn Morning Windows 3 https://bit.ly/3BPBpVk 

3. Brian Merriam Thermal Explorer, Forgotten World 2 https://bit.ly/3aQ5J6k 

4. Divine Southgate-Smith  Whisper I https://bit.ly/3vnecrb 

5. Sara Marlowe Hall Deck Drawing 6 https://bit.ly/3aR4Qud 

6. Nicole Patel Spirulina Landscape 007 https://bit.ly/3lT2hy5 

Target x Studio McGee – Holiday 2021

1. Slipcover Dining Chair https://bit.ly/3FCrk0i 

2. Bench with Bolster Pillows https://bit.ly/2YPNFHd 

3. Wood Dowel Accent Chair with Cushion Arms https://bit.ly/3FBYMUR 

4. Milk Glass Dome Table lamp https://bit.ly/3mOGt5X 

5. Oval Table Lamp with Pleated Shade https://bit.ly/3kVK9TZ 

6. Diamond Persian Rug https://bit.ly/3iY9pHF 

7. Elroy Sherpa Accent Chair https://bit.ly/3iVYeiK 

8. Elroy Sherpa Ottoman https://bit.ly/3FFC5yZ 

9. Wood Scalloped TV Stand https://bit.ly/3FQEGX5 

10. Caned Door Console https://bit.ly/3oSF4y4 

11. Faux Leather Ottoman https://bit.ly/3DrivEK 

12. Sling Back Barstool https://bit.ly/3iXjSTH 

Cover image: Lulu and Georgia

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