New year, new digs.

My goal is to film and shoot a home tour ASAP since we have been living here for 2.5 years already. It’s time to show you more of my space! I have been jonesing to re-do the entire house one room at a time with a new series called “Haute at Home” on my new YouTube channel but first, gotta show you what we are working with before I revamp everything!

It’s the curse of the perpetual designer. I am always arranging and rearranging, buying new, swapping out the old. We just took down our Christmas tree with the help of my little fur babies who always keep mama company. I use the term loosely since by “help” I really mean “distract” lol. Any other boss babes here who work from home with their furries?

Since I work from my home studio on the daily, I find comfort an absolute necessity. I live in athleisure and comfortable, cozy loungewear but these pieces need to transition to the streets since I often get called into job sites on the fly. You know I’m obsessed with teddy coats lately and love that Shein makes a cropped hoodie version too, score!


Hoodie: c/o Shein  (only $14 and comes in 3 colors) | Pants: Nike (the BEST hi-waisted I own)

Use code: Q1JULIEKHUU15 (Extra 15% off any Shein purchase valid from Jan 1st – March 31st 2019)

Also, thank you so much for all the subs and shares on my latest YouTube post babes! It means the world knowing that you like our content and want to see more! And we’ve got an entire year of content lined up for you! Yup, we are taking it very slowly with this new shift guys. I want to make sure that we continually dole out the most informative, inspiring, instructional content that is useful and can impact your life in ways you didn’t even know existed!

That’s a tall order but we’re ready for it!

I’m curious, have you put any thought into the interior design of your home? What room(s) are your favorite and why?



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