Anyone here in need of an upgrade to your regular ol’ light fixtures?

Let me help you take the guesswork out of choosing the right light fixture for every room in your home! This video + post will break down the correct size and location, scale and proportion, ceiling heights, styles, functions and more!

Here are my 4 Key Principles to follow when choosing the right light fixture for any room in your home:

Size and location | Scale and proportion | Ceiling height and shape of room | Style and features

Size and location

Living Room – Chandelier has arms to fill up space
Dining Room–  Chandelier has arms
Kitchen island– 3 pendants
Bedroom– Pendant single drop
Bathroom – wall sconce / vanity light
Hallways– flush mounts

Scale and proportion + Ceiling height and shape of room

8ft flush mount: 18” D min
9ft semi-flush: 22” D min
10ft – 11ft: 24” D min
12ft+: 30” min
Double height 17ft + 54”-72” D
Exception: if placing fixture over a surface like a dining table or coffee table

Style and features

Glam– statement with crystals, Mercury glass, reflective finishes

Bohemian– swags and chains

Farmhouse– matte metals, distressed wood

Modern– glass and clean lines

Traditional– shades and crystals

Mid-century– bulbous glass, simple shapes

Industrial– Metal and glass








Mid Century Modern



Designer’s Tips:

  1. Always place lighting on dimmers to control amount of light coming through- this is true for recessed LEDs, chandeliers, wall sconces. Exception is bathroom vanity lighting but overhead recessed lighting I’ll still place on dimmers. If you don’t have dimmer switches installed, it’s a very simple switch to hard-wire. Just make sure you swap out all your bulbs to DIMMABLE ones.
  2. Choose what you LOVE and it can translate into any style with furnishings and accessories. You will take it with you once you move from space to space
  3. Lighting is jewelry for your space, like accessories for an outfit. It can make or break your vibe so my tip is to splurge on lighting. Get the best you can afford to save up for that perfect piece.

These are NOT hard set rules just general guidelines to help you take the guesswork out of choosing the right lighting for your space. Overall- get what feels right and pieces that inspire you as soon as you enter the room. Statement pieces that start a conversation or ones that you just want to stare at all day long.

You will never regret spending more on lighting than you do furniture so splurge when you can!

Thank you for reading and watching!
Please let me know if you need help sourcing any fixtures, drop your questions in the comments below!



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