This post comes at a time when I feel like we could all love ourselves just a little bit more.

What is Self-Love?

Self-love means thinking of yourself first, thinking of your own well-being FIRST so you are able to be of complete and authentic service to others. Spreading love and light wherever you go. Sending positive energy and healing thoughts before you even utter a single word. Don’t you want to be the person who vibrates with amazing positivity that you become your BIGGEST FAN? YOUR own #1 supporter who helps you reach all your goals, no matter how big or small?

Here are my TOP 4 TIPS on How You Can Practice the Art of Self-Love

Breaking the art down into 3 main categories: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Because they all must work in unison so make your soul come alive.

MIND: Wake up surrounded by positivity

I start my day by cuddling with my pups, this allows me to wake up with a positive jolt of energy and loving thoughts. I then take some “ME” time by spending 10-15 minutes in a quiet corner, lost in my thoughts, and meditate in silence to reset, recharge, and focus on my goals for the day.  If your mind tends to wander, try a guided meditation on YouTube or podcast from your favorite spiritual leader. There are SO many out there, it’s best to look for the ones who really speak to your spirit.


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BODY: Your body is your temple.

You must honor your body. Start and end your day with physically healthy routines. From food and exercise, to strength and training.

In the morning, I make a mix of hot water, lemon, cayenne, apple cider vinegar- this combination jump starts the system, strengthens immunity and cardiovascular support, and is also a great way to help cleanse internal organs so any nutrients and vitamins I consume after will digest naturally. Eat a hearty and balanced breakfast full of healthy carbs, high in protein, and low in fat. If you can’t do this for every meal, just start at breakfast and push yourself to adopt it slowly into your everyday routine.


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I work from home so it’s very easy to be lazy and simply make myself lunch every day.  But in an effort to get outside with a change of scenery, I may spoil myself with a soup, salad, and sandwich at my fave local bakery, currently Porto’s at least once a week.

Another trick for meals is that I actually eat dinner for breakfast so it’s my heaviest meal of the day, in turn allowing my body to break it down faster and speeds up my metabolism so by dinnertime, I eat less and burn more. BUT if you’re someone who rarely has breakfast, let alone an entire full meal, try avocado toast with some egg white scramble or a veggie omelette with fresh fruit.

The goal is NEVER skipping breakfast because self- love means taking care of your body so your body helps support your mind and spirit.

SPIRIT: Positive Mind, Positive Thoughts, Positive Life.

HERE are my TOP 3 tips you MUST do NOW to train your mind and thoughts with loving feelings for yourself.

Don’t be so hard on yourself:

Stop beating yourself up for mistakes/ anything you deem as failures. What does failure mean to you? Failure to me simply means “not trying”. Simple as that.

Stop wishing, start working!

Map out what you aspire to add into your life, remove bad habits, and celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small. What is a big win? Landing your dream gig. Celebrate it by dinner or a night out with friends. Maybe buy yourself something pretty because you deserve it! What’s a small win, my friends ask? Popping a pimple in one fell swoop and everything came out, lol. That’s a small win that needs to be celebrated with ice cream or a simple pat on the back. Stop griping. Stop wishing for things and start working for them babes!


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Record your thoughts:

Whether you write them down in your phone’s notes sections, commit to daily journaling, or voice record messages that you play back later, recording your thoughts is essential in following your progress. Compound investment- If you can’t tell how much you’ve grown from where you were before, how can you celebrate your wins? Or know where to adjust? Holding yourself accountable is one of the KEY ingredients to practicing the ART of self-love. Your thoughts, your feelings, the emotions and reactions, the energy you are putting out there in the Universe- hold yourself accountable for ALL of them, positive and negative, big or small!

The change you wish to see starts and ends with you.

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What are some of the ways you practice self-love? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!



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