Currently 37.5 weeks pregnant and I’m in full nesting mode y’all!

I’ve been cleaning house, tending to my garden and indoor plants, and spending as much time with the pups as possible since we’ll be a party of 5 in no time at all! I always hear horror stories of how neglected the dogs feel once new baby arrives. I’ve been a fur mama for so long I would hate to imagine that this is even a possibility. But after speaking to all my former fur-obsessed mama girlfriends, I know that this is just a sad reality.


Knit (worn as dress): Shein

Use code Q3JULIEKHUU for extra 15% off SHEIN purchase thru 9/30/19

Do you mamas have any tips on how to introduce a new baby into a fur-run household? Are there any tricks to making the dogs feel just as loved when all your time is spent nurturing the newborn?  One of my girlfriends suggested that playing with the pups needs to turn into Daddy’s full time job, lol.

I love that idea! Divide and conquer.

On another note, how fab are these two knit sweaters? They’re actually both one size fits all which is perfect for this 9 month belly that is going to shrink back to pre-baby weight (please lord!) haha

I love that the gray knit can be worn a few ways- off the shoulder, draped, or even as a high V-neck.


Sweater: Shein | Jeans

Use code Q3JULIEKHUU for extra 15% off SHEIN purchase thru 9/30/19

In the home stretch guys!

I have a feeling she’s gonna come early so this mama’s got more nesting= cleaning = organizing to do!

Thanks for reading! xx



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