I came. I saw. I conquered. Coachella 2018 was everything I’ve dreamed of and more!

My Very First Coachella

I was a MAJOR raver back in the day so I have always wanted to attend Coachella. I LIVE for the outdoor festival scene, all the amazing artists and new music, the incredible live art installations, the food, the fashion, the vibrant energy and the pulsating beats. Festival vibes just invigorate me!  It took me so long to finally attend because

1) Le hubs HATES crowds and 2) I used to think it was a complete drugged out party scene so I wasn’t really into it.


The Vibe

I could not have been more wrong about all my preconceived notions of Coachella. I was in town for a girl’s weekend with my high school besties and we only decided last minute to attend Coachella on Friday as the Weeknd was headlining and we were booked Saturday for other activities. We scored 1 day passes from friends (returning the wristbands to them for Sat/Sun) and arrived around 5pm for the festivities.

Friday Week 2/ Day 0ne vibe was super chill and lax. The open air polo fields were alive with festival energy as party-goers were spilled out all over the lawns, the beer gardens, the super cool art installations, everywhere you turned there were hordes of people just livin’ it up! Coachella is open to all ages but you can only drink in designated areas so definitely check the map so you know where to grab a cocktail.

What to do at Coachella

There really is something for everyone at Coachella. Past decades have seen the artist lineup go from alternative rock to indie to pop and now Beyonce, the Weeknd, and Eminem are headlining so you can definitely see the shift in popular music these days. However the heart of Coachella is still very independent so I love to check out the hot new EDM artists on the rise.

Sadly, one day is not nearly enough time to see it all and soak it in. For our first time here we really wanted to not stress and just be free. Although we bookmarked all the artists we wanted to see, downloaded the Coachella app for notifications, my gfs and I still took a very relaxed approach to Coachella and just went where the wind took us.

We ate, we drank, we sat around and talked, we walked around and people watched, we danced until we wobbled out and still managed to get back home around 2am.

Last Minute Changes

We only planned on attending Coachella for the Friday festivities but my gf rounded up some free VIP tickets for Sunday’s entry and we found ourselves back on the festival grounds to catch Odezsa and Eminem! You know me, I am ALWAYS up for spontaneous adventure so  I was BEYOND thrilled to have stayed back! Even 2 days of Coachella is NOT ENOUGH time guys!!!

My Looks

Day One (ABOVE): Top: Urban Outfitters | Skirt: BCBG | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell | Hat: Janessa Leone | Sunnies: Gucci 

Day Two (BELOW): Romper: Free People | Boots: Rebecca Minkoff | Bag: DIY similar HERE | Necklace: Bauble Bar

Know Before You Go

  • Presale tickets go on sale in January. Check the Coachella WEBSITE for more info. Tickets sell out IMMEDIATELY. Like in a couple of hours once it drops
  • If you plan on driving yourself definitely purchase the VIP parking pass for $150. Shuttle tickets are already $75pp plus there are long ass lines going in and coming out. I hate waiting in crowds for the shuttle and Uber/LYFT lines and surcharge are gnarly guys. I read one gal paid over $500 just for an uber ride that took her just 10 miles away. That VIP parking split 5 ways would be loads less with the convenience of coming and going on your own terms.
  • Water is sold for $2/bottle which is so CHEAP compared to other concerts but if you don’t want to shell out that kind of money (especially all day long) there are water stations located all over the grounds so bring an empty bottle to refill or those disposable ones that you can throw out after the event.
  • Don’t forget: Bandanna because the dust storms are crazy, jacket because the desert nights get cold, comfy shoes because you will be on your feet all day long, fan because it gets hot, sunglasses and a hat, a portable charger because no one wants to run out of juice, a small wrap/sarong to cop a squat anywhere, cash/ID/credit cards, and lastly baby wipes/ hand sanitizer if you’re a germophobe like I am! lol My assistant Kelly (who has been attending Coachella for yearrrrrs) helped me prepare for my first time here with this list and I swear it worked like a charm!
  • Don’t worry if you forget anything, there is a convenient GENERAL STORE on the festival grounds so you can stock up on any essentials you left back home.

Needless to say, Coachella 2018 was an absolute BLAST and I cannot wait to start planning for 2019! It’s Coachella’s 20 year anniversary so you can bet they are going to pull out ALL the stops!

Did you make it to Coachella this year? What’d you think?




  1. I had never heard of this event until this year! It looks amazing! Your blog is beautiful! Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you had a great time!

    • Julie Khuu Reply

      It’s music festival season Kelleyn! I’ve never heard of MANY of them but my new motto is YES to EVERYTHING! lol Have a great start to your week!

  2. OMGGGAWD Julie!!! We were there too! Would have been awesome to party it up! Looks like u had the best time ever!!!!! Thanks for your sweet comment and for doing that intro about us! U r the BESSST!!! Love ya tons!!!!!
    xoBeckerman Girls


    • Julie Khuu Reply

      Awwwww MANNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Next year FOSHO! lol XXX

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