Every year I purchase gifts for approximately 25-35 kids from nieces and nephews, to my friends’ tots, to our growing village with new babies and beyond!

I used to rack my brain and scour all the HOT toys lists for gift ideas and I’ve gotten smarter throughout the years. Now I simply enlist each kid to draw up their own wishlist from affordable stocking stuffers to more high-end luxury items that the aunties and uncles can chip in to get as a group gift. I’ve collated ALL the hottest items that showed up from list to list and grouped them by age into this year’s Holiday Gift Guide for Kids! Hope you get some awesome ideas that make shopping for our little ones fun again! Happy shopping everyone!



Lovevery Play Kits https://bit.ly/3cETVVw

Lovevery Block Set https://bit.ly/3cBCHsf

Playset https://bit.ly/3qYmqWm 

Kitchen https://bit.ly/3qMF6Zn, https://bit.ly/3x1bbgT, https://bit.ly/3FBetuz 

Squishmallows https://bit.ly/2ZKHuV3, https://bit.ly/2ZBVmRj

Fidget Toys https://bit.ly/3cCicLI, https://bit.ly/3CGk3dj, https://bit.ly/30S23zt 

Kids Car https://bit.ly/3kPbGpM 

Build-A-Bear https://www.buildabear.com/ 

Bath Bombs https://bit.ly/3nJ9UIC , https://bit.ly/3DPPtiQ , https://bit.ly/3DNxuJF 


Beyblades Complete Set https://bit.ly/3jWFhgx 

Nintendo Switch OLED https://bit.ly/3DI7W0k 

Oculus Gaming System https://bit.ly/3nUGg1Y 

Mini Brands https://bit.ly/3w9WXtY 

Lego Sets https://bit.ly/3GRxRoC, https://bit.ly/3bwQQGE 

Nerf Gun https://bit.ly/3w6SlEO 

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam https://bit.ly/32pp39I 

The Singing Machine https://bit.ly/3DIrUbz 

STMT Craft Kits from Target https://bit.ly/3Dxg8AL 


Airpods https://bit.ly/3kZl7mz

Instax Mini 9 Camera https://bit.ly/3mAYoyh 

Segway Electric Scooter https://bit.ly/3CBn0MN 

LED Lights https://bit.ly/3GGXEQd 

Neon Signs https://bit.ly/2ZJRqhf, https://bit.ly/3pYyeHY, https://bit.ly/3mywO4E, https://bit.ly/3EzduKO 

Impressions Mirror https://bit.ly/3nNbub8 

Bluetooth Speaker https://bit.ly/2ZH3osa 

Basketball Hoop https://bit.ly/3CoJAH

Check out previous holiday gift guides here: https://youtu.be/Lptm1BU4ygQ, https://youtu.be/CQT_VtVWIsA , https://youtu.be/mOSN66cBNZc

What are some items you’d love me to add on to this list? Let me know in the comments!



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