Getting to the 5-month mark postpartum with spring just around the corner…

I’m slowly feeling like myself again, slowly getting back into the work groove when it’s been all about baby for the last season. Truth is, my days and nights revolve around Kamari and I’m so grateful to get to spend this time nurturing her with tons of motherly love before I commit to full-time client work.


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The best thing about owning your own business is that you can take all the time in the world for maternity leave. The worst thing about it is that ain’t nobody paying you for this time off so you best get back to business, lol.

Luckily most of my design projects are in the concept phase right now, which means I can work right from my computer. But all that is about to change in the next few months as I transition to the developmental phase of design and back to construction sites and meeting with vendors.

Mamas, how long did you take off of work for “maternity leave” before you went back full time?



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  1. Mary Jane Abad Reply

    where is the list for the $500.00 or less chandeliers/lighting fixtures pls?

    I’m renovating almost everything in my house, I need help in wall color as a focal point (maybe the wall where fireplace is in the family room). My house has really high cathedral ceiling so I’d like a dramatic chandelier by the stairs and also a nice one for the formal dining room.My hubby wants the formal dining room wall painted red; he’s into bold colors says neutral,ones are boring.

    Help me please, we are spending a lot of money on our first Reno since we got the house back in 1995 (house was built in Dec 1991) and it is dated.

    Thank you so much

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