Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dark and Moody

Halloween’s just a few days away y’all!

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Black walls, glamorous lace, and tons of candlelight make for a sexy, spooky space.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6

How are you getting into the spirit of All Hallow’s???


Friday, October 24, 2014

Food Porn Friday- The Briks

Happy Friiiiiiiiiday baby boos!  Anyone celebrating Halloween early this weekend?  I wish I was partaking in all the festivities, but sadly I’ll be eating my way through it instead.  Been spending lotsa time in the Ktown pad which means lotsa LA food porn in the queue.  I’ve been ravishing more than reviewing but know that I’m keeping y’all in my thoughts while I’m at it!

Today’s menu comes courtesy of The Briks, a newcomer in the DTLA scene, boasting unique cuisine from a “mash-up” of various regions in North Africa, Spain, France, and Latin America.  WTF are Briks you ask?  Born from Chef Mario Christerna’s culinary travels and experiences, he named his eatery after a savory North African filo-wrapped puff pastry stuffed with savory meats and a soft poached egg, then pan fried to perfection!  You get the amalgamation of Latin flavors with every dish and what better way to introduce this novelty to the masses than to name your restaurant after it?!  Food and culture 101, let’s dive right in shall we?

The Tony Montana Brik with pork lechon, black beans, mojo, sautéed onion.

The Guru Brik with chicken curry, potatoes, peas, tamarind sauce.

The Bougie Brik with duck confit, cauliflower puree, duck egg, balsamic truffle glaze.

These briks are comparable to the Vietnamese/French Pate Chaud, albeit twice the size with twice the filling.  You’re able to pack a whole lot of goodies in there from seasoned meats and sautéed veggies, to my fave, the semi-poached ooey gooey melted egg.  Of these 3 most popular briks, my fave was the Tony Montana.  The pork lechon reminded me a lot of Vietnamese Heo Quay (BBQ pork) without the crispy skin.  Juicy and tender, very Latin-inspired with a slight smokiness from the mojo.  Bougie brik was a second fave and I love that the chef scaled back some on the truffle glaze.  A barely-there hint is really all you need to get the point across.  Some restaurants can learn a thing or two in the editing process. (Ahem, Din Tai Fung!

Seafood Coca (Spanish style pizza) with shrimp scampi, calamari, clams, tomatoes, basil, pink vodka sauce.

Chorizo con Papas Coca with beef chorizo, potatoes, pico de gallo, avocado, queso fresco.

I realized after this meal that I am NOT a fan of flatbreads.  The fried egg on top is always a nice touch but I’m the chewy/fat/doughy/crust girl, not the crispy/thin-crust/topping chick.  While the chorizo sounded promising, the seafood completely fell flat in taste and presentation.  Looks like my 10 year old niece could have made this with frozen pizza dough.  Eh, pass!

Steak and Potatoes with coffee crusted dry aged rib eye, celery root, potato gratin, green peppercorn sauce.  I was really taken aback by how much I enjoyed this steak when I was fully prepared to lambast it.  The server recommended this dish, boasting seasonings unparalleled for this type of cuisine.  Well, at least that was my interpretation of “Our steak is amazing!” lol.  But seriously, I haven’t had a good coffee crusted steak since devouring my first one at El Gaucho in Portland, OR almost a decade ago and this completely brought me right back to that memory.  Although this was half the cost and just as good.  Crispy charred crust is a the straight path to my heart y’all!

Batata Harra Tots:  We expected tater tots and home fries came out.  The potato was meh, the sauce spicy!  I’d ask for this particular sauce on the side to dip with the briks.  Pass on the potato though, don’t waste your carbs.

B.B.S. Bacon Brussels Sprouts:  Beautifully prepared especially since the bacon was used more as an accent than a feature.  Just like the truffle, so effective in small dosages which I can really appreciate.

Kale salad with quinoa, champagne grapes, strawberries, avocado, champagne raspberry vinaigrette.  Refreshing, light, and loaded with citrus zing.  LOVE this dish, a complete MUST order especially with all the fried plates.

Norma’s Bread Pudding (his mama’s version, “nuff said”).  Very moist with a sponge-like texture akin to tres leche cake.  You can smell the cinnamon wafting through the air before this plate even reaches the table, but I’m a fan of the crispy upper crust variety.  Did the job and satisfied the sweet tooth though, so I can’t complain.

1111 S. Hope St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

*Insider’s tip:  I absolutely LOVE it when new cuisine inspires me to eat outside my bento box.  Unfamiliar food just simply intrigues me so I’m always game to try new things.  Make it unique and my interest is piqued y’all.  Make it memorable and I’ll definitely be back for more!  While the Briks may be the newbie on the block, it’s quick and casual dining style can definitely appeal to those not looking for anything pretentious or crazily priced.  You can get in, get out, get on with your life for under $25pp and in less than an hour’s time.  The perfect quickie (or not) meal to get right to the next destination.*

Bon Appétit mes amis!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trendspotting: Fall Fashion's 7 BEST by Mira Duma

I don’t know if it’s the growing pile of projects I have overflowing my desk, or the impending end of the year with deadlines looming right over my shoulder, but I’ve been falling into a MAJOR fashion rut this month.  It’s been a challenge switching gears from interior design to fashion and back again, but where there's an impasse, there's a solution right within reach!  Enter my sartorial street muse, the incomparable Miroslava Duma to help dictate what’s on my radar this fall.

 A global fashionista who ranks HIGH up on my trendspotting hitlist when everything she rocks is everything I want NEED in my life!

   The capes, the colors, the oh-so-incredibly FAB accessories!  Oman, each look is one to be lusted after…

Been scouring my local vintage and thrift shops for yummy colored leather in autumnal hues...love how this trend can be dressed up or down.

 It's no secret that I am OBSESSED with hats and head gear (seen HERE).  I love how Mira maintains her posh aesthetic with silky scarves that protect her from the elements while adding a punch of color to everyday ensembles.

Next to the ubiquitous black and white stripe, I'd say houndstooth is right up there with fashion's NO FAIL graphic patterns.  Menswear-inspired and tailored to perfection! 

 Can't survive a holiday season without a little plaid now, can we?
Not just for Christmas, I love the variation from full-on dresses to cute little skirt suits.

I've had the same pair of OTK leather boots for almost 7 years now!  Time to retire them and bust out the newbies!  Just picked up this Sam Edelman suede stunner and can't wait to rock them with all my party frocks!

I’m *this* close to putting myself on a shopping ban (sans new OTK's, lol) until I can muster up a road map to fall/winter dressing.  Seems Mira’s glamorous guide is the ONLY thing I’ll need all year!

Which trend tops your list of MUST-HAVES this season?? 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

White Done Right

The start of a new season always beckons me to do a little redecorating, first paring down the space to a bare minimum then layering all my collected finds back on again.  It’s always easier to pile treasured heaps of ho-hum items atop one another, but can you imagine if every single tchotchke simply took your breath away

 Imagine living amongst ONLY your most favorited pieces?!  
Oh the life inspired is such an aspirational place to be my loves! 

 It’s no wonder your dream home feels so elusive…there’s too much nonsense blocking your vision!


How can you achieve such domestic enlightenment you ask?  
It's EASY!  
Get rid of all the B.S. by donating/ selling/ trading what you don’t LOVE and start anew with a blank white slate and just a little imagination.  

I’m seeing lotsa crystal and gilded surfaces in my space, how about you?? 

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