Friday, May 29, 2015

Food Porn Friday- 4th Annual Chef's Bet Dinner

Happy Happy Friday hunnies!  It’s the food porn post you’ve all been waiting for!  The 4th Annual Chef’s Bet Dinner is finally HEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRREEEE!   If this is your first time visiting the blog, just a few reminders of why this is the.single.most.important dinner of the year!  It’s where the winners of our Fantasy Football League get treated to a full-on, formal, sit-down/decked-out, multi-course, gastronomical feast for our viewing and eating pleasure.  And where said wives (and soon-to-be wives, that's ME!) freeload on all the fun! 

We stuff our faces with food and wine, drink ourselves into a frenzied stupor, pass out (always before dessert in my case), awaken for round 2, and repeat until the break of dawn!   
Simply put:  Where the losers cook and the winners EAT!  
See past Chef’s Bet Dinners HERE, HERE, and HERE

This year’s theme:  Prohibition - The End of an Era.  
When alcohol became legalized and debauchery became the norm.  
Yup, just about sums up my party posse in a whole!  
Love seeing our men in sexy suits, bow ties, and suspenders, with their gals dolled up in fringe, feathers, fur, the whole nine!  House parties are ALL about the ambience and I gotta admit, NOTHING beats alfresco dining in SoCal this time of year.

Peep out the AH-MAZING delights whipped up by our reigning losing team (Yup, 4 years in a row!) hehe…Which clearly means they’ve got this thing DOWN by now! Lol  It NEVER sucks to be with the seated party! #winning

Oyster Foie Gras with Uni | Champagne Blanc

 Losers cook while winners taunt...

 Jack Amber Ceviche | Sake Shot

 Scallop Ravioli Cauliflower Chives Seaweed | Rose Dell Olma Gavi 2014 Italy

 Live Sweet Shrimp with Infused Red Pepper Lemon and Basil Oil | Pinot Grigio

 Panna Cotta Sunchoke Uni Caviar | Sunner Kolsch

 Dos Pulpo Potato Leek & Chili Ginger Cilantro | Sancerre Lucien Crochet

Sand and Mud Lobster Pork | Buena Vista

Jambalaya | Sculpin

Ca Kho Canh Chua Sea Bass | Champagne

 Viet Ribs Pork Cucumber Onion | Gorman Winery Evil Twin

 Shut the F. Up Wagyu | Press Cabernet

Boiled Egg Dessert

Thank you to our incredible chefs for yet another outstanding meal!
Theo, Viet, Chris, John, and Binh- We <3 you guys!

...and of course can't forget their gorgeous wives for all the kitchen help! lol

CHEERS to family, friends, good food, great wine, and memories to last a lifetime!  
Can't wait to see what's cookin' next year dolls!

TGIF!!! Hope everyone celebrates a festive weekend!
Bon App├ętit mes amis!

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