Food Porn Friday | The Paris Edition | Part I

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on my TOP PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE guys! 
I really made an effort to only highlight the destinations I have personally visited myself or else this list would have gone on and on and on with all the sights I hope to visit one day (maybe a future post??).  But what travel guide would be complete without all the food porn?!?!?!  
Here’s Part I of my 2-part FPF series for Pareeeeeee…

TOP Paris Travel Guide

Having visited Paris a total of 3 times in the last 17 years, I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a resident expert; however there’s plenty of haute spots I make sure NOT TO MISS with every return.  What to see, where to stay, where to shop, and of course all the nommy eats from breakfast through dinner and the veritable snacking in between!  

Check out my TOP PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE for the latest craves and faves…

Paris Je T'aime

Happy 1st day of August hunnies!  
Hope y’all are beating the sweltering heat in style!  
We took these shots on our last full honeymoon day in Paris at Le Palais Royal.

Paris Travel Diary | Part I

It’s been the BEST birthday month ever having just returned from our luxuriously decadent 15-day honeymoon just last week! We spent the first leg of our trip in the picturesque French Riviera, followed by 5 days in Amsterdam, and finally ended in my absolute FAVE city in the world… Paris!

Vacation Vibes

Happy 1st Day of Summer y’all!
So excited to announce that we’re leaving for our honeymoon this weekend woOoHoOoo!!!

It’s only taken us a mere 6 months after getting hitched back in January to plan this vacation and while I toyed with tropical locales (for him), cultural foodie destinations (for me), we finally settled on the best of both worlds… Europe here we come!

Food Porn Friday | The Strand House | Manhattan Beach

Happy Friday luvahs!!!  
It’s been birthday after birthday, gathering with my girls and eating up a storm all over SoCal.  I love that we make an effort to not only celebrate in style, but to find new and notable restaurants with a little more to them than just fine dining.  Caitlin’s birthday took us down to the Strand House in Manhattan Beach, where libations overflowed into beautiful ocean views and dinner took us right into after hours dancing. 
Here’s what’s on the menu today:

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