Japan Travel Diary

Japan has been on our travel hit list for as long as I can remember.
Le hubs grew up watching Godzilla while I was hooked on anime (remember Ranma ½ anyone?).  Booking our trip during spring was a no-brainer since cherry blossom viewing was a HIGH priority, followed by the temples, shrines, ramen, sushi, street food, oman the list goes on and on! 

Here’s highlights of how it all went down…(Picture heavy post ahead guys)

If Not Now, When? with JORD Watches

Having spent the last 2 weeks away on vacation in Japan has got me thinking… 
When I was in my 20’s I had all the time in the world to travel but little finances to do so.  Now that I’m well into my 30’s I barely have the time since I’m running my own business and working like a fiend!  But I swear time has a funny way of sneaking up on you…

Tokyo Bound!

T-minus 10 days until we head out to Tokyo guys!
I’ve always dreamed of visiting Japan during cherry blossom season.  Blushing petals falling from the sky while I twirl around and dance underneath pink moonlight…

Food Porn Friday | Hamamori Restaurant | Costa Mesa

We’re headed to Japan in 2 weeks guys!!!
I can hardly contain my excitement what with travel planning taking over my entire workdays for the last month or so.  All I can think of is sushi, sushi, and sushi!!! Oh yeah and shopping of course but need that sushi to satiate me for all day shopping excursions, lol.  While I absolutely can’t wait for that authentic Japanese sashimi to be rolling off my tongue, check out one of our local oldies (but goodies) right here in Orange County, Hamamori Sushi at South Coast Plaza.

Casual Work Wear for Creative Types

It all starts with a great pair of trousers. Add a high fashion dose of black and you’re well on your way to my tried-and-true uniform. Complete the look with designer shades, attitude for days, and the clients will be clamoring for your expertise before you even bust out your business card guys…

Spring Clean Your Style with these Key Essentials

Spring is almost upon us loves! I can taste it!  
The sun is shining brighter, the days longer, the air fuller and filled with so much promise.
Although SoCal doesn’t necessarily succumb to the whims of seasonal changes, I make it a point to switch out my wardrobe and always add key pieces that will survive all season long.

Let's see what made the cut!

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