Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Bejeweled Bachelorette Bash Part III

Happy Sunday hunnies! Hope everyone’s having a super chill relaxing weekend so far. Sadly we end our Vegas jaunt with one last look at my superFUNtabulous bachelorette weekend away with my girls!

Dress Code: BeJeweled in Jewel Tones
Easily one of my ALL TIME favorite themes as my gals dazzled in these sexy sultry hues. 

It was definitely one of the BEST weekends in my life as 31 of my closest girlfriends all came together, near and far to celebrate life, love, and my pursuit of wedded bliss. 

As I looked around and saw faces that have been by my side through the innocence of childhood, to the delinquent stages of pre-pubescent teens, to scholastic high school academia, well into college and my roaring twenties, to the ripe old age of my now mid-thirties, I can honestly say that I am who I am because of these amazing women.

Not only are they each true, honest, strong, independent, genuine individuals, as a collective group they are a force to be reckoned with hunnies!

To say that I am hugely blessed is a MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT. 

I can’t even begin to describe the insurmountable extent of my fortune as I am constantly surrounded by such beauty and strength.

They give me the freedom to be my own character, eccentric neuroses, oddities, and all and for that I can NEVER thank you enough for their warm, accepting, generous hearts.

They say the happiest people are those who connect to strong social relationships. 
More than income, age, gender, race, or creed, the research is evident;

|The more social support you have, the happier you’ll be|

It’s no wonder that my life’s been pure unadulterated bliss.  
I mean, just look at them <3


Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Bejeweled Bachelorette Bash Part II

My Vegas Bachelorette Bash Extravaganza continues with what I’d probably consider my favorite portion of the entire festivity-filled weekend: The Day Club!

I’ve been to enough Vegas pool parties to know that I absolutely did not want to attend one for my bach.  

Sin City’s summer season ends late September/ early October when day clubs at the pools switch gears for day clubs located inside the casino hotels instead.

Namely at Palazzo’s Lavo Restaurant and Lounge, the HOTTEST dance party held during the daytime!

My girls definitely know how to spoil me...decked out in all their beautiful blush tones for one of THE booziest brunches on the West Coast!

You know me and brunch honey…my favorite meal of the day! Add in some griddle faves, some greasy carbs, endless shots, bottomless champeezy and you’ve got yourself one helluva bash!

If you’re ever wondering what’s the haps in Vegas during winter, THIS IS IT!!! 

Cannot wait to return before the season ends for another round at Lavo’s Day Club Brunch! I'm sure I can wrestle up the posse for a repeat! ;D

One last post from my Bejeweled Bachelorette Bash coming this weekend!
Hope to see you back!

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