Friday, July 31, 2015

Food Porn Friday- Bagatelle

TGIF luvahs!  What better way to end the month than with one of the hottest day clubs that LA has to offer: Bagatelle in West Hollywood!  We celebrated my sister’s birthday with a boozy brunch filled with bottomless punch bowls, greasy griddle faves, and an afternoon dance fest that only LA knows how to throw down!

12 divas, 2 mini-vans, 4 punch bowls, 3 dozen Patron shots, and we are OFFICIALLY down for the count y’all.

Who says Sundays have to be lazy??l!  
Book Bagatelle for your next celebration!

755 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Hope everyone celebrates a super festive summer weekend!  
I’m off to San Diego with my girls and really can’t wait for QT and some fun in the sun!  Follow me on Instagram HERE for the latest luvahs!! 


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Scenes from a Very Vegas Clachelorette Bash

What do you get when you mix a classy + ratchet Sin-City style Bachelorette Bash with a dozen of your ride-or-die chicks?....

Stardust and Sequins for days…
First night = First Class all the way!

 Pool party in a rainstorm!!! 
So BEYOND I can’t even begin to describe the madness and chaos!
Not to mention the pure unadulterated FUN!

Sexy black bondage style for the clatchet gal in all of us….the PG version of course ;D

To our darling baby bride-to-be, the youngest in our group to get hitched!  Congratulations baby-boo Mimzees on your upcoming nuptials honey!  We love you to itty bitty bite-sized Skittles pieces and can’t wait for your BIG Day in a few short weeks!  Hope we sent you off with a Vegas Bang that you’ll never forget!  Doesn’t matter how many Vegasy-ventures we’ve counted up and down our sleeves, it’s like the first time, every time.  Lovelovelove my girls!!!


Friday, July 24, 2015

Food Porn Friday- Bestia DTLA

Happy Happy Friday hunnies!!  It’s been a minute since we’ve had some haute Food Porn up in here and what better way to get your weekend started off right than with one of my FAVES: Bestia in Downtown LA!  I remember this evening like it was yesterday.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, it would mark the last night that we would spend in our LA apartment since losing it more than a month ago.  As saddened as I am was about the loss, these images just prove that my sense memory would last a lifetime, especially when that sense is ALL about taste!

Bestia is one of those famed establishments in DTLA that boasts a record-topping 2+ months to snag a reservation.  Almost unheard of in these parts since great eats are a dime a dozen but when something is this FAB, you know all of SoCal be coming here in droves!  We opted to just do a walk-in super early right when they opened (5:30ish) and prayed that foodie gods would lend a helping hand.  As fate would have it, the hostess seated us immediately with the promise that we would hightail it outta there before the next party arrived 7:30pm.  2+ hours gave us plenty of time to nosh on that entire menu!  Can’t believe our luck!

Here’s what we ordered from the BEST in LA!

Roasted Marrow Bone. spinach gnocchetti. crispy breadcrumbs. aged balsamic. 
MUST GET!!! Easily one of the BEST bone marrows I've ever had.  The freshly made gnocchetti was simply divine, perfectly al dente with crunchy crispy bits of breadcrumb to balance out the soft chewy textures of the plate.  Albeit a bit heavy, but one bite is just enough to deem this dish OUTSTANDING.

Chicken Liver Crostino. chives. marjoram. aged balsamic. sea salt

Pan-Roasted Chicken Gizzards. roasted beets. belgian endive. aged capra sarda

Burrata. san marzano tomatoes. castelvetrano olives. oregano. fermented chilies
Sadly, I wasn't too impressed with their pizza.  As you can see, the crust is served almost to a crispy burn, the bottom portion was just beyond saving but the flavors are there.  The crust, notsomuch.  I prefer Pizzeria Mozza's crispy, buttery crust over Bestia's any day.

Cavatelli alla Norcina. ricotta dumplings. housemade pork sausage. black truffles. grana Padano.
This is their MOST popular dish on the pasta menu.  Truffles + dumplings, what's not to love?  A familiar favorite but I MUCH prefer the dish below over this one.

Agnolotti alla Vaccinara. cacao pasta parcel. braised oxtail. burro fuso. grana padano. pine nuts. currants. 
OMG died and went to pasta heaven!  Delicate folds of cocoa-flavored agnolotti envelops bits of stringy braised oxtail, my all-time FAVE method of cooking this type of meat.  I love when the flavors have been completely saturated in the protein, leaves such a lasting sensation and had me begging for more!!  But definitely had to save my stomach for the main course and desserts!

Grilled Whole Branzino. herb salad. castelvetrano olives. marjoram. shaved carrots.
Beautiful dish, simple, but satisfying summer flavors.
Solid A, fresh and very LA-centric for the waistline! lol


Valrhona Fair Trade Bittersweet Chocolate Budino Tart. salted caramel. cacao crust. olive oil. sea salt.  

 “Coffee & Donuts.” spiced chestnut zeppole. whipped cream. coffee ice cream

Pink Lady and Candied Persimmon Crostata. frangipane. warm vanilla custard

Triple threat dessert spread!!!
Doesn't get ANY better than this ending y'all....

2121 7th Place Los Angeles CA, 90021

Contemplating my next return visit ;D

Enjoy an amazing weekend everyone!!
Bon Appétit mes amis!

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