Our Wedding | Part I | Chinese Tea Ceremony

We finally made it guys! 
It’s our 1 year anniversary to the day and I can’t believe how fast this past year has just flown by.  Now that we’ve completely settled into our new lives as husband and wife, I’m recounting all the treasured moments from our wedding weekend with a trip down memory lane. It’s taken me a full year to finally share our wedding album, collated from professional photographers, snapshots from friends and family, and special candids taken right from my phone.  It was tough to whittle these precious memories down to this modest collection, but I hope that you’re able to get a sense of what it was like behind the best days of our lives…

How to Be a Girl's Girl

If this title post already hooks you, then you know you’re either IT or you’re NOT.  At least you’re interested in either becoming one or you could care less.  Pick a side and veer passionately towards that purpose.  I am first and foremost a TOTAL Girl’s girl- in all its feministic, anti-chauvinistic, empowering, reinforcing, supportive, overly considerate (sometimes to a fault), attentive, sympathetic, accommodating, and cooperative glory.  I will back you up, push you forward, and strive to ALWAYS make you feel like I’m in your corner.

2016 | Year in Review

And just like that, we’re in a brand new year guys.  
It’s been a magical 2016 to say the least what with our wedding taking precedence over pretty much everything else.  We started at the highest of highs and ended with what I can only describe as the most blessed life ever.  Here’s highlights of how it all unfolded with 12 inspirational quotes that got me through 12 months of an eventful last year…

Dream in Color

It’s a well-known fact that wearing color can enhance your daily moods.  
I’ve never been the girl with a monochrome closet preferring various shades of blacks and greys and nudes to dictate my #ootds.  The same can be said about my interior design style; I much prefer print on print, bold hues, and dramatic tints to inspire my thoughts and actions. 

How Date Nights Help Your Relationship

Le hubs and I haven’t even been married for one year yet and we’re already finding fitting in date nights quite the challenge.  Especially during the holiday season when my social calendar is filled to the brim and doesn’t let up until well after New Year’s.  Which is why, 12 years into this relationship, I make it a priority to schedule these dates like any other appointment I’ve got in the books.  Sure it may take the spontaneity out of our partnership, but when you’re this far along, we’ll take what we can get hunnies!

How I Got My Groove Back

We’ve all been there… Feeling pretty shitty about work, life, family, friends, obligations, responsibilities yada, yada, yada… Like we’re spiraling downwards in slow motion and nothing to grasp onto but more negativity and the misery that ensues.  I can honestly say I get this way EXACTLY twice a year. 

Blue Velvet Dreams

I absolutely LOVE this time of year. 
When the air gets cooler, the days get shorter, and the nights just long enough to become my own nocturnal wonderland.  Where thoughts become ideas, ideas spring into action, and action creates the content you see here. 

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