Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Haute Khuuture Turns 5 Today!!!

It’s a partayyyyyy up in hurrrrrrrrr hunnies!!!  Can’t believe it’s been 5 whole years since I wrote my first post HERE.  Boy, has she grown up to become a completely crazed lover of all things fabulous in fashion and design

 Photo credit: Kelly Nguyen

While I can’t contest that red balloons and a flowy silk dress might be the most clichéd birthday ensemble ever; I gotta admit, it REALLY does feel more festive when you’re prancing around the park with the two! Lol

Scored this vintage silk stunna at a local consignment shop and pulled out my decades-old Marni Mary-Janes from under the rubble to create a look that’s feminine, classic, and overall just plain ol’ FUN! 

Which is EXACTLY what we’re celebrating today my loves.  Turning your creative obsessions into a fun forum for like-minded peeps that somehow just “get” you. 

So this post is dedicated to you guys!!! My darling readers~ if this is your first time visiting the blog or a longtime friend, I wanted to truly THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for keeping the conversation alive. 

Whether we’re discussing amazing design projects, or famished over #FoodPornFriday, or simply ogling one another’s ensembles in our fashion posts, please know that I am forever INSPIRED by this incredible community of dreamers, believers, achievers, and DOERS!

Because NOTHING satiates me more than having a vision and slowly watching it come alive~


Cheers to the next decade y’all!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Food Porn Friday- DTSA 4th Street Market

Happy Friday my loves! TGIF!!!!  I’ve been loving the new crop of industrial chic food courts that have been poppin’ up everywhere in Orange County!  From the Anaheim Packing House to Union Market at the District and now 4th Street Market in Downtown Santa Ana…there’s never a shortage of good eats in our hood and here’s showing you why:

 {Above:  Honor Roll, the artisan food market features bakery and pastries, fresh produce, craft beer, wine and cheese for the picking}

Located at the famed 4th street in Downtown Santa Ana, this newbie “market” is more akin to a high class cafeteria style square where over a dozen exhibition style mini-kitchens star front row and center.  The teensy tiny kiosks may look diminutive compared to full-scale restaurants but that just proves that size doesn’t matter when it comes to cooking and cuisine.  What does matter?  Why, the flavors of course!

 {The Dining Hall can seat up to 300 people both inside and on the open patio, perfect for group dining}

Here's what's on the menu today:

| Dos Chinos: Latin Asian Grub |

 Never mind that Viet Tran (co-owner of Dos Chinos) is one of my dearest friends, this dude can COOOOOOOOK honey!  His concept of Mexican/Vietnamese flavors is one of the BEST in the market for its high-style home blends of familiar favorites.  Must eat:  Stoner Papas with shoestring french fries, DC asada, Bolsa roast pork belly, chorizo fried rice, sunny side up fried egg, DC salsa verde, onions, and cilantro.  The addition of the chinese sausage (lap xuong) is ingenious as it reminds me of what I'd find in a traditional Vietnamese kitchen mixed up with a little Mexi-influence.  And um hello?? Runny, yolky, fried egg atop is ACES in my book!

| Recess: Playground's Bar |

Jason Quinn, the mastermind behind Playground and Playground 2.0 (previously seen HERE and HERE) opens up shop in the market with on-tap libations at Recess (above), fried chicken at PFC, Thai flavors at Noodle Tramp (below), burgers and buns at Wagyu Chuck and Dough Exchange.  This chef's keeping super busy and if his Southwest-style fried chicken hasn't got you salivating, his Chiang Mai noodles will!

| Noodle Tramp: Playground's Asian Noodle Restaurant |
 Must eat: Khao Soi, Fresh egg noodles in Thai red curry, coconut broth, topped with crispy egg noodles, peanuts, fried shallots, red onion, sprouts, lime, and pickled cabbage.  Easily one of my FAVE dishes of our binge-fest.  The noodles taste like they're homemade, chewy yet al dente in all the right places.  The curry is light and flavorful, so amazing when downed with an ice cold beer!  Just when you think you know everything about Thai noodles, Khao Soi's a game changer! Pad Thai pssssshhhhh! lol

  | Ktchn DTSA |

  | Chunk-n-Chip |
 I'm much more a savory than sweets gal but one whiff of Chunk-n-Chips freshly baked cookies got me bananas for their ooey-gooey craft ice cream sammiches.  This shop had THE longest line of the bunch and for good reason.  Must eat:  PB&J cookies with peanut butter ice cream (above)...Holy heaven in my hands!  Deeeeelish!

| Torch S'more Co. |
 You choose your graham cracker, your flavored marshmallow, they fire it up, and in less than 3 minutes you've got yourself a campfire snack y'all.  After the novelty wears out, I'll be returning to Chunk-N-Chip.  Just meh.

4th Street Market DTSA
201 East 4th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Insider’s tip:  Street parking is always free so when the meters on 4th street and the nearby structure are full, I try to find spots on Spurgeon or Bush.  DTSA in itself is a super festive destination for food and libations but what I really love about 4th streetmarket is the variety of options available for every palate.  Growing up in the ghetto of Santana I’ve come to crave Mexican food like it was mama’s home cooking.  This is why Dos Chinos is at the TOP of my list for 4th street dinner destination, Mexi-Viet flavors like I raised to devour!  Every Friday the market features live DJ’s spinning on the terrace so visit the Events calendar for GNO or date night with yo’ boo!  Did I mention the market is super kid-friendly?  As modeled by my babycakes Blakesy-Boo!  Fashion blogger-in-training <3

On another note: The new and IMPROVED website is now LIVE!  It’s been years in the making with TONS of projects to upload but she’s getting there dolls!  Please check it out and lemme know what you think!

Have a fabulous weekend and as always…
Bon Appétit mes amis!

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