Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Scenes from Mimi's Gatsby Bridal Shower

When the baby of the bunch FINALLY gets engaged after having been dating for over a decade, you KNOW it’s gonna be one helluva bash!

Showering the bride with a Gatsby themed soiree, decked out in our fanciest fringe, feathers, sequins, and baubles…

Complete with crazy shower games (pass the pickle! Lol)…TONS of booze, bubbly, and buffet…

And of course can’t forget to spoil our bride-to-be! 

Everything she needs to become the future happy homemaker hahaha

Congratulations Mimzees!!! 
Cheers to the little clatchet gal who stole all of our hearts <3

Can’t wait for the BACHELORETTE bash in 2 weeks!  
Yup, Vegas (again!)…you ready for us??!!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

White Hot Summer Looks

Summah Summah Summah Tiiiiiime!  Happy 1st week of summer luvahs!  Now that I’ve been getting my sun on, there’s nothing I want more than to show off my tan with 50 shades of white on white!


There’s something so smoking hot about white lace/knits/crochet during the summer months.  It’s what boho dreams are made of and a little peekaboo sunkissed skin never hurt anyone…


Finish the look with chunky gold jewelry, a pop of color if you’re nasty, and it’s game ON!

Who’s ready for some beach action???


Friday, June 19, 2015

Food Porn Friday- The North Left

Happy Friday lovers!!!  I’ve been eating up a storm, shooting like a legitimate food blogger, but SO behind on my posts, it's like I'm an amateur, lol!  I’ve got some INSANE #FPF posts coming in the next few weeks, pretty much all the heavy hitters that I’ve bookmarked for months, even years!  Let’s start with a local favorite in Downtown Santa Ana, shall we? 

DTSA is known for its lively fair, farmers markets, and some of the hottest and hippest eateries to surface since Lola Gaspar started the scene in 2008.  Much of the cuisine has been reinvigorated with the opening of 4th street market’s cafeteria style dining (first blogged about HERE), Jason Quinn’s Playground 2.0 (seen HERE) but when the Crosby abruptly closed down due to street violence and the now infamous involuntary manslaughter case (Google it if you must) I was heartbroken knowing that one of my go-to restaurant/bars was now defunct.

Enter The North Left, Chef Aron Habiger’s reemerging art and culinary adventures in the space the former Crosby used to occupy.  Same space, same chef, what’s new you ask???

Why, EVERYTHING my loves.  From the dishes to the details, it’s Aron 2.0, a sophisticated swankier version of the superstar and I’m soooo glad he’s back!

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

Chicken Nuggets with BBQ/ Maple/ Bourbon
Perfectly crispy fried nuggets paired with a sauce I could seriously eat all by itself.
Love the sweet smoky flavors, so fun to pass and share.

Kale Salad with beets, quinoa, goat cheese, cranberries, horseradish vinaigrette
Summer in a bowl!  Love the mix of my 2 favorite veggies:  Kale+Beet= #winning 

Cauliflower with sour goat cheese, garbanzo, dill, yuzu, raisin vin, harissa.
Not the most appetizing dish on the menu but EASILY one of the BEST! Majority of the table ruled that this was their #1 dish of the night. The beautifully charred cauliflower was tender, the spread simply divine, and everything just melded together with such a sophisticated flavor combination.  MUST GET!

Poutine fries with short rib, cheese, pickled red onion, egg
I've had quite a few poutines in my life and while theirs is quite tasty, there's nothing novel about it in my book.  A little (North) left of what I'd expect on their unconventional menu.  Just ok.

Brussel Sprouts with San Joaquin Gold and Hazelnut
Sooooo friggin delish!  You almost lose the veggies under this mountain of cheese but who cares?!! It's friggin SNOWING cheese! Just died and went to nutty cowgirl heaven.

Steel Cut Risotto with oats, wood ear mushroom, manchego, mushrooms, chives, nasturtium, pea tendrils.
This dish, while very fresh and simple looking, is just brilliant.  The oats and risotto have a very similar porridgy texture so they blend beautifully, why didn't I think of that?!  The mushrooms give it a bit of bite since the dish lacks protein.  One of my personal faves, I could eat this for breakfast every morning with a soft boiled egg.

Fries with house ketchup and green garlic aioli

Beef Tataki with shallots and mustard seeds
While the rare, uncooked beef might scare some of you off, I LOVES me some bloody carcass! Duck blood, pig blood, tai with my Vietnamese pho, I eat it all! Lol...It's just such a pretty dish with amazing color, just begging to be devoured!

Red Snapper with lemongrass, rosemary, dashi, romaine lettuce.
Chef Aron said he visited this vegetarian restaurant in Bolsa (Bo De) and was inspired by one of their soups for this creation.  If you're Vietnamese/ Chinese it tastes EXACTLY like soy-sauce steamed fish your parents order at the end of every 10-course meal.  The broth is so spot on, you'd think you were dining at Newport Seafood instead of Downtown Santa Ana.  Great way to introduce Asian flavors to the menu.

Steak with roasted potato, green beans, shallots, herb compound butter, parsley pesto, radish.
The pesto is clearly the star here and every piece of steak deserves to be sopped up by the sauce.  Such a fresh approach to a dish that is normally very hearty and heavy.  I'm a fan!

Trout with potato, escarole, capers, mushroom, lemon vin.
We all thought this was the saltiest dish on the menu.  Looks beautiful but I'd pass on this one based on taste alone.

Desserts by Chef Aron!  
Quite the spread...the girls were VERY happy :D 

And of course, can't leave the party without a round of Shots! Shots! Shots!

The North Left
400 N. Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 543-3543

*Insider's tip:  The dark and romantic interior is really perfect for date night.  Or if you're like me, perfect for a ballz to the wallz/ crazy party of 15/ Girl's Night Out like how my posse DO! lol
Just a fabulous spot to chill, hang with friends, eat bomb food, relax and unwind after a hard week at work.  Go NOW and please let Aron know I sent ya!*

Bon App├ętit mes amis!

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