It was an absolute honor and privilege to be invited back to speak on behalf of T.J. Maxx for the #MaxxYouProject “The Changing Room” 2019 in NYC last week!

The Maxx You Project was initiated in 2017 as an ongoing initiative to help women celebrate their individuality and embrace change.  From a study conducted by T.J. Maxx and Dr. Serena Chen in 2017, they found that “6/10 women say that who they are as an individual is always evolving” and that “3 out of 4 of us feel inspired to be ourselves when women around us do the same.” 

After winning the Maxx You Project in 2017, my life has been on a forward-moving trajectory that even I could not have predicted. I am so grateful to T.J. Maxx for championing women and exploring all the things that make us feel strong and beautiful from the inside out.

Every year the Maxx You Project goes on tour from city to city inviting women all over the country to participate in their live interactive experiences. This year’s “The Changing Room” launched in New York complete with an immersive design that followed participants from one room to the next, exploring what it means to accept change, overcome struggles, and evolve a stronger individual than ever before.

This was a free event open to the public, with celebrities actress Lea Michelle and lifestyle blogger Lauren Scruggs as keynote speakers, and a panel of guest speakers (myself included) spanning the course of three days June 25, 2019- June 27, 2019.

I learned so much about myself as I spoke on the guest panel alongside other real, strong women who overcame obstacles to get to where they are today. The most important thing I learned is that my story is relevant. My story is unique. My story needs to be heard. 

YOUR story is relevant and we all need to be heard so the future generations of strong, fearless females can be inspired in one way or another. You never know who might be listening and needs to hear a story just like YOURS. So embrace change, celebrate your unique, authentic selves, and be the BADASS babe I KNOW you are!

To learn more about T.J.Maxx Maxx You Project, click HERE.


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Tell me, what significant changes in your life impacted who you are today?



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