I can see the light at the end of the Covid tunnel.

Orange County is finally moving into Phase 2 where restaurants are open for dine-in (with restrictions of course), salons are taking appointments (woo-hoo!), and everyone seems to be easing off their pandemic paranoia if just for a bit.

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I personally have not even stepped foot into a grocery store since March. While I’m home taking care of Kamari, le hubs hunts and gathers for us. Plus we’ve been relying on Amazon and Instacart to deliver the rest. I don’t know about you, but I’m still wary out there. With government officials and local cities easing restrictions, I feel like the public is easing off as well going to bars, smashed up like sardines, sans masks and gloves. If everyone starts acting like Covid-19 has disappeared without a trace, we are in for another wave of this pandemic before summer’s over guys.

Let’s rally together and focus on what’s important now. Taking care of our family, our health, washing our hands, and keeping abreast of all the verified news out there. I know it’s a lot to digest when the start of summer is just around the corner, but if we let our guards down now, who knows how much longer we’ll drag this thing out.

Hope you guys are staying safe and well out there. xx


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