I am so excited to bring you a brand new series for a brand new year: Awkward Space Solutions Series!

This series is born out of the hundreds of comments that I read and reply to weekly. I began to see a common pattern and it’s the fact that *MOST* of you feel like there’s something awkward about your home. My goal from this series is to help you understand your space, use it to your advantage, and creatively come up with viable solutions no matter what size, shape, and budget you are dealing with.

We are going to start this series with one of the most popular issues a lot of you have: The awkward corner fireplace!

Catch up with our Awkward Space Series!

The Corner Fireplace

The Long and Narrow Room

Sloped Ceilings and Slanted Walls


L-Shaped Rooms

Niches, Alcoves, Ledges, & Cutouts

Open Concept Floor Plan

Do you have any questions when it comes to your awkward space? Comment below!



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