We are right smack dab in the midst of summer, I KNOW you’ve got some cool parties lined up!!!

You know I love a great theme and what better time than summer to throw a tropical Hawaii-themed luau? Bonus points if it’s a baby shower because you know I have baby fever!!! lol

The Deets

My client Vickie found me online when she first saw THIS baby shower I previously designed for my girlfriend. She wanted the same tropical themed vibe and you know I never do the same thing twice so consider this the MEGA suped-up version of a previous JKID event design!

Location, Location!

I was beyond thrilled to learn that Vickie had booked The Reef Restaurant in Long Beach to throw the event. With Raffia lined-walls, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the gorgeous marina during sunset, I could not have dreamed of a better setting that fit the theme perfectly! One less thing to worry about when the bones are already so beautiful.

Flowers and Décor

Tropical theme calls for birds of paradise, oversized palm leaves, orchids, and an explosion of color! I handpicked all of the florals for the arrangements and assembled 5 different centerpieces in varying sizes. The variety helps to add dimension to the décor, no matter which way you look, there’s always something new to discover!

Also can we talk about these paper flowers y’all!?!!! My bestie Annie started her own event décor company PaperMint Lamb and hand makes these INCREDIBLE custom flowers for Hollywood industry parties. I commissioned her to design these paper birds of paradise and orchids for me and she did NOT disappoint! Annie even hand painted the center pistil herself! My girl’s a true talent! Check out her work HERE and hire her for your next event guys!

Styling Tips

Adding in sea-themed decorations like natural seashells, raffia and paper umbrellas, you can pick up all these fun mini-décor at your local dollar store. During this time of year they have TONS of tropical themed decorations for a steal!

The trick is mixing in higher-end items like real flowers and personalized stationary so the party doesn’t look like the pool aisle in the 99cent store.

Party Extras

No party is complete without a decadent dessert table. Splurge on the custom cake, skimp on the sugary pastries. If you are on a budget, Ralph’s makes these super cute (and scrumptious) mini cupcakes, bite-sized brownies, and baby cookies by the pound.  Finish with some tropical gummies, chocolates, and sweet tea and you’ve got yourselves a party y’all.


Event design, décor, and flowers: Julie Khuu Interior Design

Location: The Reef Restaurant, Long Beach

Paper flowers: Papermint Lamb

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Would you try out this design for your next event?



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