I spent one year living in Portland, Oregon so we regularly drove up to Vancouver, BC to hang out and party.

This is probably my 7th/8th time visiting this gorgeous metropolitan city and there’s always reason to return. Where else can you get BOMB ASS Chinese food, incredible luxury shopping, and a spectacular winter wonderland just another two hours away in Whistler? Nowhere!

Extra bonus points since the US dollar is stronger in value to the Canadian dollar by about 21% so you can splurge without all the travel guilt.

We ate, we shopped, we relaxed and of course, ate some mo’ (MONSTER Food Porn Friday post coming up this week!) It was just so dang cold this time of year we found ourselves chillin’ in our crazy gorgeous suite at the Westin Grand on Robson instead of going out at night. Which was the perfect way to relax 30 floors up soaking in this incredible downtown skyline view.

There’s no better way to spend your anniversary than with the ones you love so we extended the invitation to our bestest friends Panda and Richard who came along for the ride.

Le hubs and I adopted this tradition early on when we started dating.

Instead of buying each other material gifts, we made a pact to spend that money on travel instead.

So for Christmas, in lieu of Xmas gifts, we’d go somewhere fun with the goal of hitting up spots we’d never been before. Past trips took us to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Vegas one too many times.

Seeing as how our wedding anniversary is just 2 weeks after Christmas we decided to lump both trips together for one EPIC vacation in a far off locale. We hadn’t been back to Whistler in almost 10 years so what better what to come full circle than to start with our FAVORITE winter escape.

City life, check! Mountain resort, check! Foodie destination, check, check!

What type of vacations do you crave?  Mountains? Tropical? City? Would love to get some new ideas!

Thank you for reading loves, come back Friday for scrumptious Vancouver eats! Dim sum and then some!




    • Julie Khuu Reply

      They have such a HUGE foodie culture in Vancouver babe, everything was delish! Thanks for the visit doll!

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