We are living in unprecedented times guys…

There are some days where I wake up and I can’t believe the coronavirus pandemic is our immediate reality. I give myself a few minutes to digest this truth and quickly snap myself out of whatever pseudo state of shock I’m in. Because I know that I am but a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things and that every single one of us teeters through days of sheer hope and utter desolation.

But you know what’s been helping me stay grounded and hopeful through it all? Meditation.

I recently signed up for Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day guided meditation “Hope in Uncertain Times.” You can access it for free HERE.

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Meditation has been a part of my spiritual practice for years and it was only recently that I started practicing it with more mindfulness and prayer. I find that meditation works best when you are in a state of complete surrender, looking for peace and calm when inundated with a daily sea of chaos and noise.

This series of meditations has come at the perfect time. It has taught me that the secret to finding hope everywhere is all about expanding your awareness and shifting your perspective to one that is solution-based instead of one that is problem-based.

When your attention is aligned with the universal intelligence of Nature, then you always find a way through your challenges and difficulties. 

My hope for us is that we can stay positive and happy throughout this challenging time. Know that the global pandemic was meant to change us; to heal the world and improve the way we live.

After all, the sacrifice must be worth it in the end. If we get through this together and resume our regular lives as it always has been, then our hope and prayers would have amounted to nothing in the end. And to me, that is the greatest travesty of all.

To learn more about how meditation can improve your awareness and help with mental health, visit the Chopra Center HERE. The meditation is free until 5/1 so sign up now and gain free access. I promise that if you commit to meditation at least 5 minutes a day, your outlook will shift to one that is pure and positive.

Stay strong and safe out there guys! We are in this together <3



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