We are continuing the series with L-shaped spaces- mostly for open concept plans where one room melds right into the next.

Most of the comments I received are primarily to address the layout and furniture plan.

In this video I will be focusing on finding creative solutions for the following L-shaped spaces:

  • Studio Apartments with L-shaped Living and Dining space
  • L-Shaped Great Rooms with a Kitchen in the Middle
  • L-Shaped Great Rooms with a Kitchen at the End
  • Short, Chunky L-Shaped Rooms
  • Long, Narrow L-Shaped Rooms
  • Huge Great Rooms with L-Shaped Layouts

Catch up with our Awkward Space Series!

The Corner Fireplace

The Long and Narrow Room

Sloped Ceilings and Slanted Walls


L-Shaped Rooms

Niches, Alcoves, Ledges, & Cutouts

Open Concept Floor Plan

Do you have any awkward spaces you would like for me to address in this series? Comment below!



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