I can’t believe how much the world has changed since the last time I checked in with you guys.

It’s been precisely 9 days since our governor ordered a shelter in place/ self-isolation/ quarantine in California to combat the spread of Covid-19/ coronavirus. After watching the horrors that have unfolded in China, Italy, and Iran, I’m sure we all knew this was coming. But to what extent and how has it shaped our lives being socially distant from our family, friends, and loved ones?

Le hubs and I are taking this period of self-quarantine very seriously. With a new baby it’s been difficult not seeing her grandparents, aunts, uncles when everyone wants to come visit. We miss them dearly but hoping this isolation will set us all up for long term success. We can’t be allowing anyone in when contamination is possible. They say those who eventually test positive for coronavirus don’t even see symptoms for at least 10 days. So you may think you’re safe and healthy, but if you’re hanging out and socializing like normal, you can be spreading germs like wildfire.


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Feeling so grateful for my little family and my happy baby. Our greatest wealth is now our health and we are simply indulging in life’s simplest pleasures at the moment. Like setting our menu at the beginning of the week and planning our meals and market runs accordingly. We’ve been cooking as a family, Kamari loves watching her dad whip up his latest creation while mama plays sous chef.

We can’t predict what will happen but all I know is that when we are finally out of lockdown, the first thing we will do is take her out to the park. Gosh, I miss our morning runs and impromptu brunches. Can’t wait to see the light at the end of this tunnel.

Praying that you all are staying home, keeping safe + healthy, and making the best of this quality time with your family and loved ones. xx


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