The best girl trips are the last minute ones.

It was an absolute blast traveling with my Skittles again, the same group of 8 that made our first time in Costa Rica (seen HERE) so memorable.  This time we traveled to the Dominican Republic to celebrate Taylor’s birthday, can you believe we’ve been friends since Kindergarten? Yes, you read that right guys. She was in KA and I was next door in KB. Different classes, same recess so needless to say we gravitated towards one another and haven’t left since <3

These ride-or-die chicks have been by my side for all stages of my life. Some date back to grade school, others I’ve known since middle and high school! When you have a bond this tight, there’s nothing, no man, no drama, no B.S. that can tear you apart. We’ve been together for so long I don’t remember which one of us is the bad influence? Hahahah

Peep out highlights of our AHHHHMAZING weeklong vacay to the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana

In my 20’s, I remember wishing, hoping, praying that my girlfriends and I would travel the world together one day. It has been an absolute blessing to get to travel like we do. We knocked Costa Rica out this past June, just KILLED it in DR in October, where to next babes? What’s an international hotspot you’re dying to visit with your girls?! Comment below with your recs!



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