So a funny thing happened while celebrating Father’s Day this past weekend…

I rented a duffy boat to cruise Newport Beach for Daddy’s very first Father’s Day outing, the first time Kamari would be out on the water. We made a day of it, grabbing sandwiches for the 90 minute excursion, packed my pro cam ready to shoot, it was so nice to finally be outside for the first time with my family since quarantine in March.

I saved this special ensemble just for the occasion since I knew June gloom would make the day overcast and chilly, the perfect long sleeved sheer dress for the occasion.


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We had so much fun on the boat that we didn’t even bust out the camera. I quickly did a full 20 minute impromptu shoot on the boardwalk and realized when we got home, that there was no memory card to hold the pictures. Lol Mommy brain in full effect over here guys.

How was your Father’s Day?


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