Today’s post is all about kitchen storage and organization!

I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better about myself and my life when my home is kept. A place for everything and everything in its place. This video will show you how to organize your drawers and cabinets for a more efficient workflow in the kitchen. Bonus floor plan to share how I design kitchen layouts for my clients! Shop the look below for all of your kitchen storage needs.



1. Lazy Susan

2. Clear Fridge Drawers 

3. Vented Storage 

4. Soda Can Dispenser 

5. Stackable Shelf Set

6. Glass Food Storage Set 


1. Wire Basket

2. Hyacinth Storage Baskets

3. White Basket with Lids 

4. Basket Tags 

5. Hanging Pantry Tags

6. Vinyl Pantry Labels

7. Airtight Clear Container Set

8. Clear Containers with Lids 

9. Can Organizer 

10. Acrylic Lazy Susan

11. Glass Jar with Black Lid

12. Expandable Shelf 


1. Stackable Canisters  

2. Glass Containers with Spoon

3. Under Shelf Mug Rack 

4. Magnetic Knife Holder

5. Mason Jar Set

6. Heavy Duty Magnets


1. Black Tiered Drawer 

2. Tension Rod 

3. Chrome 2-Tiered Sliding Organizer 

4. Expandable Tiered Shelf  

5. Sliding Pull-Out Drawer 


1. Pan and Lid Organizer 

2. Lid Organizer

3. Pots and Pan Rack   

4. Sliding Pull Out Shelf 

5. Pot Organizer Pull Out Drawer 


1. Rotating Rack System

2. Expandable Lid Organizer

3. Mesh Organizer

4. Lid Organizer 

5. Pull Out Drawer  

6. Tupperware Pegboard


1. White Small Dish Rack 

2. Wire Expandable Shelf

3. Bamboo Shelf

4. Plate Holder 

5. Stemware rack

6. Acrylic Shelf organizer 


1. Layered Bamboo Tray

2. Two Piece Utensil Set 

3. Stacked Utensil Tray 

4. Angled Bamboo Tray 

5. Knife Tray

6. Grip Shelf Liner 

Cover Image: Jess Ann Kirby

Want to see more storage and organization ideas? Let me know in the comments!



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