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We are back with another indoor plant video! If you are someone who wants to beautify your interior by bringing the outdoors in, but keeping a plant alive is next to impossible, watch this video to get 21 GENIUS indoor plant hacks so you never kill a plant again!


My easyplant collection:

Rubber tree: loves warmth and sun, brings good fortune and wealth, needs bright indirect light.

Rattlesnake Calathea: grows best in bright indirect light. 

Jade Pothos: grows best in well lit space with medium to bright light.

Money tree: grows best in bright indirect light, symbolizes prosperity.

Dracaena Janet Craig: needs bright direct or indirect sunlight, can adapt to medium-low light.

Calathea Marxii: grows best with bright indirect light.

Schefflera Amate: can grow 8ft tall indoors, grows best with bright, direct light.

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