You may think that you need a ton of sun and a green thumb to keep houseplants alive, but that’s not always the case.

Almost all the indoor plants shown in this video can grown in indirect light and some even in windowless rooms. If you are looking for indoor plants that are low maintenance and require little light, this post is for you.


Metal Railing Planter

Wood Railing Planter 

Black and Gold Hanging Planter  

Circular Hanging Planter 

Metal Wall Planter 

Individual Silver and Gold Metal Planters

Black Metal Planters 

2 Piece Metal Pot Planter Set 

Steel Railing Planter 

Black Four Tier Plant Stand

Wood Shelf Storage 

Bamboo Shelf Stand Folding Display 

Modern Planters:,,,

Woven Planters and Baskets:,,,,

Organic Vessels:,,,

Mid Century Planters:,,,,

Sculptural Planters:,,,

Hanging Planters:,,,

Macrame Plant Hangers:,,, 

Brass Planters:,,,

Black Planters:,,,, 

Ceramic Planter with Stand: 

Metal Planter:

2-Piece Metal Planter with Stand:

Plastic Pot:,



1:54 Golden Pothos 

2:48 Silver Pothos 

3:21 Philodendron 

4:35 English Ivy 



5:10 Maranta (Prayer Plant) 

6:11 Calathea (Peacock Plant) 

6:48 Nerve Plant 

7:06 Syngonium 

7:26 Cast Iron Plant 

8:10 Wax Plant 

8:47 Peperomia Obtusifolia 

9:29 Spider Plant 

10:11 Lucky Bamboo 

10:43 Chinese Evergreen



11:38 Peace Lily 

12:29 Anthurium 

13:05 Christmas Cactus 

13:26 Bromeliad 



14:37 Maidenhair Fern 

15:08 Bird’s Nest Fern 

15:30 Kimberly Queen Fern 

15:52 Staghorn Fern 



16:40 Snake Plant 

17:23 ZZ Plant 

18:06 Dracaena Limelight 

18:25 Money Tree 

18:54 Dieffenbachia 

19:29 Dwarf Umbrella Plant 

19:49 Ponytail Palm 

20:14 Monstera 

Cover Image: Shack Revamp 

Do you need tips on how to style your indoor plants? Leave a comment down below!



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