Did you know that there are many ways you can add lighting to your home without plugs or hard-wiring?

If you’ve been wanting to add more light to your space without hiring an electrician, this video is for you! 


Puck Lights- rechargeable wall sconce hack https://amzn.to/3osQWct , https://amzn.to/3OG9lx1 

Strip Lighting https://amzn.to/3qdN7Z9 

No Plug ighting https://amzn.to/3MAk61f , https://amzn.to/3C6Ksmp 

Rechargeable/Battery-Operated Tapered Candlelight https://amzn.to/3OFUenj , https://amzn.to/3IMlCfo , https://amzn.to/3N0ban0 

Rechargeable Tea Lights https://amzn.to/3oBgKD3 , https://amzn.to/43xQp7B 

Rechargeable/Battery-Operated Chandelier Lights https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L595FA0/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B00L595FA0&pd_rd_w=de7mA&content-id=amzn1.sym.f734d1a2-0bf9-4a26-ad34-2e1b969a5a75&pf_rd_p=f734d1a2-0bf9-4a26-ad34-2e1b969a5a75&pf_rd_r=S1MZ4NPWBF4CABK84AVY&pd_rd_wg=3QwYV&pd_rd_r=73a94300-b38e-44e5-82b8-283a7c76b929&s=industrial&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9kZXRhaWw , https://amzn.to/43wagnW , https://amzn.to/43aYJKZ 

Wall-Mounted Night Light https://amzn.to/439w88B , https://amzn.to/3OMUJvIhttps://amzn.to/3OMULnk , https://amzn.to/3ouSHG2 

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Which of these methods work best for your low light condition?



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