I’m not one to collect shot glasses or promotional T-shirts or even postcards on vacay.

The types of souvenirs that speak to me comes courtesy of local antique stores and thrift shops throughout town. Although Park City is a total mountain resort, I was able to hunt down a second-hand Christian shop no larger than your average master bedroom.
Teeny-tiny and littered with used snow equipment like skis/boards/boots/bindings, the musty smell of year, maybe even decades-old, winter apparel made the quickie 10-minute-jaunt last for days on end. I couldn’t shake the stench off me for miles away; however these 2 little faces made the search oh-so-worth it! One man’s trash right???

The Score

These babies were on sale for $20 each even though I would have paid the full price of $80 for the pair. Gleaming and gilded with the most perfectly proportioned black shades to go with; I was able to pack the brass bases in my luggage (super heavy) but was forced to ship the shades via UPS. Weighing in less than 3lbs it cost over $80 to ship these suckers back to SoCal from Utah!!! Friggin’ insane right??? I could have purchased brand new lamp shades for wayyyyy less than that!
What I learned:
Bad decisions make the BEST stories
I wouldn’t have gotten a blog post outta it had I not shelled out that crazy amount, right??
Can’t wait to find these rams a new home in my pad!
Perhaps on my nightstand so I can remember the Sundance trip that swept my heart away <3….
ahhhhh sweet dreams were made of these…
What types of souvenirs do you collect on vacation???




  1. This ARE fantastic lamps…what a lucky thrifting find. They are really kitschy and really glam…and they'll look fantastic in your house, I'm sure 🙂

    Adore your blog…and I'm your newest follower 🙂

    <3 Cambria

  2. So worth the story and post! These shades will mean so much more to you down the line. Love a perfectly collected home.

  3. Oh, those sweet lamps in the snow…broke my heart! But yeah, they are PRIME, and I would have gone through the same drama to get them home too. Total score. They are fantastic!

  4. That is an amazing find – I love the brass and how unique are those ram heads? I think I need to hit up some thrift shops this weekend 🙂

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