I’ve been extremely fortunate to have my high school besties by my side since…well, high school.
Back then we were quite the over-achievers having bonded since ASB, Girl’s League, honor society, AP classes, sports leagues, and after-school shenanigans filled our precious pre-adulthood time with plenty of laughs and stories to last our lifetime. (Which, mind you, we constantly re-tell again and again to our mildy amused other halves, anyone else guilty of that? hahah).

It makes me smile to think that not that much has changed at all except now we’ve managed to settle into our careers without having to grow up one bit. Makes gifting during the holidays much more sentimental since we know each other inside-out. What started last Christmas as a total-spur-of-the-moment DIY gift exchange spawned into an annual arts-and-crafts showdown where my gifter (the incomparable @missannietang) completely knocked it outta the park and brought me on my knees in happy tears from what she created below.



A fabulous pair of the MOST perfectly decoupaged bangles with images from my life and findings borrowed straight from this here bloggy. And yes, she even crafted that acrylic clutch complete with a super chic burlap interior so not every facet of my life is on display y’all.


Button knob closure made from an Anthropologie cabinet knob helps to open and close the case. I absolutely love this fabric selection with digitally printed city names on it- reminds me that I need to travel more!



360-degree view…Inside and out…she didn’t miss a thing!


Hands-down one of my FAVORITE all-time gifts that I’ve EVER received.

The amount of time and effort it took to not only ransack my blog to find the best images, print them out, cut and place them in a strategic manner, paste them on purchased bangles, find an acrylic box, sew an interior pouch, wrap this up all the while caring and nursing a newborn baby??!!! Phewwwww!!!~ SUPERmom to say the least!

I swear Miss Tang brings new meaning to everyone’s favorite holiday quote…
“It’s the thought that counts”

When’s the last time you put this much thought into gifting???




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  2. phew thats a lot of hard work for that gift! haha it really is the thoughts that count, but normally i would just bring my boyfriend to a shop and ask him to choose whatever he wants, and i pay for it as his gift (:

    happy boxing day!


  3. Oh how sweet is this Christmas gift! Stunning clutch with the transparent casing and I'm totally loving how creative it is for her to use the anthropologie cabinet knob on the case! So, so amazing <3

    P.S. Thank you lovely comments on my blog, you are amazing!
    RASSP blog

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