We are back with another installment for our awkward space solutions series!

This video will show you how to fill up those awkward empty corners with style and ease. You’ve watched the entire series, implemented a ton of my tips, you’ve written in telling me that those awkward dilemmas that you had were solved from tuning into the episodeS…Now you’re looking around loving every room BUT wait!! You will have that awkward empty nook and blank corner that sticks out like a sore thumb. You know it should be filled with something, but you have no idea what! If the awkward empty corner is something that you’re struggling with, this video is for you!


Cozy Reading Nook

1. https://bit.ly/39Pww5B, https://bit.ly/39Px8YX

2. https://bit.ly/3KSnGkt, https://bit.ly/3skWILW 

3. https://bit.ly/37ztBgI, https://bit.ly/38lfYlo

4. https://bit.ly/3N4DyS6, https://bit.ly/3N7D6CZ 

5. https://bit.ly/3FBYMUR, https://bit.ly/3vY656l  

6. https://bit.ly/3wd3vbr, https://bit.ly/3sne0Yu  

Intimate Conversation Area

1. https://bit.ly/3skFcHl 

2. https://bit.ly/3wd8XLG 

3. https://bit.ly/3Pd9shd   

4. https://bit.ly/3P5UlpU 

5. https://bit.ly/3wgGcgX  

6. https://bit.ly/3N1srcH 

Tall Bookcase or Cabinet

1. https://bit.ly/3kR9RIt  

2. https://bit.ly/3w02cxW  

3. https://bit.ly/3Mc5LGA  

4. https://bit.ly/3L04q4g  

5. https://bit.ly/37zLJqM   

6. https://bit.ly/3N2dbwl 

Large Planter for Tall, Indoor Trees

1. https://bit.ly/3P4bTCZ

2. https://bit.ly/3wiVth9

3. https://bit.ly/3wdiLVL

4. https://bit.ly/38ezMHe

5. https://bit.ly/3snLlTl

6. https://bit.ly/3ld59oF 

Statement Artwork 

1. https://bit.ly/3yGwyr1  

2. https://bit.ly/3snveVE  

3. https://bit.ly/3vTVARr  

4. https://bit.ly/3PlExzF  

5. https://bit.ly/3kSTivs 

6. https://bit.ly/37zNV1u


1. https://bit.ly/3kWQqOu 

2. https://bit.ly/3PbI6bu 

3. https://amzn.to/3KUImYV 

4. https://bit.ly/3skXVTu 

5. https://bit.ly/3kQKRB7 

6. https://bit.ly/3N3jpvM

Cover Image: Galerie Provenance

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Need help with an awkward corner in your home? Let me know in the comments below!



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