I’ve saved the best in this series for last!

If you have an open concept floor plan that you find awkward and just can’t figure out, this post is for you! 

Your comments came pouring in when it came to designing your open concept floor plan. You found it awkward to place furniture, to get the flow just right, to figure out wall paint, lighting, colors, flooring, furniture… for some reason an open floor plan paralyzes you in a way that sectioned off homes and interior rooms don’t. 

STEP 1: Determine Function 

STEP 2: Define Zones 

STEP 3: Float the Furniture 

STEP 4: Consider the Flow of Traffic 

STEP 5: Keep the Flooring Consistent

STEP 6: Avoid Matchy Matchy Furniture 

STEP 7: Layer Lighting 

STEP 8: Coordinate Window Treatment 

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Open Concept Floor Plan

Do you have any awkward spaces you would like for me to address in this series? Comment below!



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