I remember getting laid off from corporate in ’08 and immediately after starting my own company I was commissioned to design bachelor pad after bachelor pad.
Not quite the fancy-schmancy super glam-glam direction I imagined my career would turn into; however you take what you can get. Years later, with a handful of experience under my belt I’m back at it again since this time the potential client found me from designing another bachelor loft in the same apartment complex!
I swear you never know who’s going to be cold-calling for some design direction but where they’re willing to LIVE OUT LOUD, I’m willing to help pave the way!

Had he let me run wild with my more is more aesthetic I’d have chosen to style the space wayyyyyyy up! More accents, more lighting, more artwork, more details, more Buddhas! More is more honey and I’m proud to claim myself a maximalist in full effect! But sad to say, not all clients share the same sentiment. Sometimes they see the perfect fit in a minimal manner and you just have to let them be…I’ll get him when he makes the move to 5000sf status! hehe  Sometimes I sit back after the client reveal and can’t believe I get PAID to do this for a living! The reaction is ALWAYS the best reward!

Thanks for tuning in!





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