I really pour all my heart and soul into a project so what starts out as a basic stylistic concept.


Glam! Hip! Romantic! Industrial!

Always ends up being a one-of-a-kind custom design hand sketched/ drawn/ developed/ and sometimes even executed (gasp!) by me. 

{ABOVE: My own custom pieces, scattered throughout my studio and LA apartment}


  {ABOVE: A modern-glam home in Huntington Harbor that I’ve been developing for over 3 years, yikes! Will start sharing more progress this week}

Except of course the crazy upholstered pieces you see, which I must admit is by the hands of my vendors and professional fabricators. Can’t take ALL the credit ya know, but what you see is 100% based on what my brain manifests and what my vendors build-out.

{ABOVE: Some of my FAVE pieces I’ve ever designed, specifically for a tattoo studio in downtown Pomona. The client is a crazy talented artist who appreciates custom work as much a I do! A dream collabo, more on that next week!}

So why hire a designer?  We understand what you want even before you know you want it, honey! Guaranteed or your money back!



  1. I can't wait to move into my personal space .. I already know where I'm coming for ideas! *PS Happy New Year Beauty. xo

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