This video rounds up 42 of my TOP PICKS for dining chairs!

I always advise you to splurge on the dining chair vs. the dining table, especially if you’re on a budget. Why? Because you sit on a dining chair every day. It should be comfortable, sturdy, easy to clean and light enough to move around for ultimate functionality. What is your favorite dining chair from this list? Do you have an awesome dining chair you’d like to share with the viewers? Let me know in the comments below!


Wood + Woven Dining Chairs

Fabric Dining Chairs

Black Dining Chairs

Leather/ Faux Leather Dining Chairs

$100 or Less Dining Chairs

My Favorite Table + Chair Combinations,,,,,,,,,,,

Cover Image: Pottery Barn

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Let me know what furniture piece you need help sourcing in the comments below! Thank you for watching!



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