In today’s video, I’ll be discussing the BEST window coverings for every room in your home.

The key to a successful room design is how well you treat the windows. Understand what works and doesn’t work, the key function of each space, then choose a covering that is perfectly suited to your needs and aesthetics. No more guessing the difference between drapery panels, curtains, shades, blinds and more!

Watch this video for my top tips on what to cover your windows with!


Drapery Panels 



(always choose white or light-neutral sheers to make your windows glow)


Fabric Shades

(casual, yet refined)

Woven Shades

(beautiful way to add texture in a minimal space)

Non-Woven Roller Shades

(great for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms) love this for renters oversized for outdoor patios

If you loved this video, check out the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WINDOW TREATMENTS here:

Do you need help deciding on a particular window treatment? Comment below and let me know!



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