I absolutely LOVE this time of year.

When the air gets cooler, the days get shorter, and the nights just long enough to become my own nocturnal wonderland.  Where thoughts become ideas, ideas spring into action, and action creates the content you see here.


 I’ve been thinking a LOT about where I want to see Haute Khuuture go in the next few years.  You know I’ve been “blogging” for 6 years now??!  Holy moly where has the time gone???… I know that might seem like a long ass time for some of you newbie bloggers but I literally started it as a virtual diary where I would share everything on my radar.  (Read my first post HERE)
There was no rhyme or reason, no recurring topics, no schedule, no sponsors, no affiliate links, really nothing that would clue you in to my creative process save for the fashion and the food.  But it was my special place to vent, made by me, made for me.  I didn’t care about how many people read the blog or who followed my channels, all I really cared about was doing one creative thing a day and this blog was it.


 But somehow along the way, my blog became more generic, more systematic, more impersonal than ever, like I was dialing it in for the sake of simply publishing a post for the day.  It lost the initial luster, spunk, and introspection that was present in all my previous works and as a result a HUGE part of me lost interest in the blog.
I never lost interest in the artistry, I just lost my spark.

I had always treated the blog like a personal conversation I was having with like-minded friends.  We have the same interests (otherwise why would you be here?), we LOVE fashion, LIVE for food, and crave good design like our lives depended on it (which mine actually does).


 I wouldn’t share any of these issues on Facebook because I felt it “too” personal for such a social network. Which is preposterous because where FB is “private” and only seen by friends personally added by me, Haute Khuuture was 100% “public” but ironically
where I felt my real friends went to get to know “me” better.  Does that make sense?
 You ALL know how to style a bomb ass blue velvet blazer, you  don’t need me to tell ya how to do it! You’ve got MAD style in spades but you’re here because we’re friends <3 And friends tell each other wassup! Like where to score the best designer deals, where to shop my look, and seriously when to stop talking fashion and just BE ABOUT IT
Soooo on this gloomy Monday evening, as I write from my desk, I’m following my intuition and going back to the beginning guys!  Back to where I poured my guts out and gave you everything I was thinking and more.  Back to where this blog was born with all that fun fab stuff mixed in. 
The average person will skim through 500 words while reading a few.  Here, I’ve written just a bit over and hoping these images will inspire you to read a paragraph or two.
If not?  No biggie. Just scan the highlights and come back for the candor guys.  I’m here all day.




  1. Gorgeous outfit dear! The blue is such a great shade and velvet to me is a bold material! I've been blogging for just under 6 years actually! Both our blogs are very different in content but like yourself I don't have a schedule for blogging or a plan. I've accepted some free items for review but that's it. It's crossed my mind before thinking about possibly making this blog do more for me but I just want to keep it comfortable and me.

    • You've been there since the beginning!!! Thank you SO much for your continued support love! We must NEVER lose focus even in the midst of all the crazy content out there! Kisses!!

  2. Good for you, girl, that you've decided to rediscover why you started blogging in the first place, that's awesome! As for your outfit, I love that velvet blazer, it's beyond gorgeous on you and I love the way you've styled it here! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



    • Yeah blogger burnout will def make you reevaluate some real ish! lol Thanks for the feedback babe!

  3. I clicked on this because I loved the look of the velvet blazer and was so surprised to get such an honest post. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts and seeing the creative way you reach us! And 6 years doing this? An inspiration! 🙂

    • Tori thank you SO much for stopping by hun! That is the nicest comment ever and totally made my day! Exactly why I've been doing it for so long… readers like you are the sweet reward <3 Hope to see you back sometime! xx

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