Came back from my China trip last Saturday and it’s seriously taken me exactly 2.5 days to fully recover y’all.

Taking jet lag to a whole ‘notha level! Something about a half business/half leisure excursion that’s so taxing it seems switching from work mode to play mode then back again becomes the most strenuous aspect of the trip. Well that, minus Facebook access, plus never-ending pollution y’all. But Hey! That’s the LAST of the complaints you’ll get outta me ‘cuz ultimately it was one of my BEST trips ever!!! Here’s why:



When you’ve been working in hospitality design for most of your professional career, peeping out Int’l hotels is half as fun as sightseeing y’all. I love what the Westin Pazhou’s done to the lobby of their hotel…2-story carved marble wall depicts China’s vast landscape while an ambient-lit flight of glass birds hover overhead- gorgeous first impression!


On the Itinerary

Navigating the hundreds of exhibits in the world’s largest convention the Canton Trade Fair.  3 industrial buildings house the Canton Fair- they say each spans as long as 15 football fields…and Yup!- we traversed all 3 buildings and then some!  A friggin’ zoo y’all!
Day 2 of the show sourcing everything from lighting to building materials.  There was such beautiful architecture of the exhibit center.


We ate our way through China’s seafood scene evidently.  The most popular seafood restaurant in Guangzhou spans an entire street block! You can hand-pick the freshest catch and they’ll cook it up for you right then and there. Scallops on a half-shell, so divine downed with an ice-cold Heineken.

The storm came in on our last day there, like a scene from a moody postcard, so unreal.  But that didn’t stop us from traversing Beijing Lu with hoards of peeps still shopping despite the weather conditions. Reminds me a bit of Santa Monica promenade.

Tune in all week for more coverage from my Asia trip y’all!  From the industrial streets of Guangzhou to the scenic views of Hong Kong and TONS of food porn in between… You won’t wanna miss it!




  1. Amazing! I've yet to travel to china for a long time but hope that in the future I'd be able to for holidays! The hotel you stayed at seem so high end and the lights and glass fixtures are so pretty! And the seafood! OMG, the seafood! I just love seafood to death! Looks like a great work/play trip!

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