We’re back with a brand new episode of dated home designs in need of a major upgrade and today we’re talking about everything from the windows to the walls!

I see so many design and home decor elements out there simply dating your home and want to offer my tips on what to replace them with instead so your space feels timeless, fresh, and modern! 


Flush & Semi-Flush Mount Lighting

1. https://bit.ly/3Me3vOv

2. https://bit.ly/3Gj5pMh

3. https://bit.ly/3zfbaJq

4. https://bit.ly/3MQA9H9

5. https://bit.ly/3GkAQGj

Window Shades

1. https://bit.ly/3NCyrca

2. https://bit.ly/3wOoa66

3. https://bit.ly/3wHynRK

4. https://bit.ly/3PKLbiK

5. https://bit.ly/3yYYtSU

6. https://bit.ly/3PG6Fxj


1. https://bit.ly/3sVUBOE

2. https://bit.ly/38jgnVJ

3. https://bit.ly/3PH2qSc

4. https://bit.ly/3sWVXsw

5. https://bit.ly/3yVPtOn

6. https://bit.ly/3sXbQiV


1. https://bit.ly/38QqaTl

2. https://bit.ly/3z0ePuK

3. https://bit.ly/38QqdhZ

4. https://bit.ly/3yTEXay

5. https://bit.ly/3HgTVtd

6. https://bit.ly/3yZJKaC

Cover Image: Redfin and My Domaine

Comment below and let me know if you agree or disagree with my list!



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