I had every intention of following Anthony Bourdain’s foodie guide to the ultimate dining experiences in Paris.

Save for the fact that due to the program’s Oprah-like Midas’ touch, every single one of ’em had been booked for months, some even dating back to half a year in advance!
Sheesh Francophiles sure don’t mess around with their food man. Which made me even more anxious to somehow, someway work the back alley and perhaps do a little Americano dance and maybe get some love in this mutha’…apparently, that didn’t work either. But it’s not for a lack of trying peeps, so here’s the lowdown on what went down instead. Bon appétit! 

Le Bistrot de Paul Bert

Paul Bert: chef extraordinaire, known in some parts as one of the best traditional French chefs left in Paris. The hotel recommended his bistrot only to scare us away when we decided to actually settle on the place for dinner. The exact words of our concierge: “Don’t even bother trying.”…Of course we did and completely lucked out!! Although they crammed us into this tiny little two-seater between the bar and the window…all the better to people-watch suckas! Hehe
All the traditional bistrots write their daily menu on this huge board and slap it next to your table to discuss the night’s choices- Love this idea! Food should be a communal festival, not take-out and drive-thrus mes amies…
Of course my beverage of choice with every meal…Vin rouge du maison…takes the guesswork out of picking
Ridiculous!!! Cold leek with pressed foie gras wrapped in chilled sauteed scallion…nobody but the French would think of something like this
Tempura something (they call everything deep fried “tempura” no matter what the coating, quite confusing at times)…I was too busy taking pix to notice I didn’t even order this…The waiter sadly came out and swiped it before I could drop a bomb in my mouth…looks soooo yummy no?
White fish tartare…tastes like it looks, super juicy with fresh sea salt sprinkled throughout…love that little kick of salty morsels with every bite…perfect complement to the chunky marbelized meat
See the angle from our cramped little corner?…It’s like they knew we wanted some privacy ;D
Roasted Pheasant with baby cabbage…eh, had better rotisserie chicken for 6euros at the corner boucherie the morning of…wasn’t too impressed…I actually wanted the hare, but the bf (and the waiter too, come to think of it) talked me out of it…Silly rabbits…now I’m kicking myself.
The menu read “pork chops” and this is what they sent out…3 honkin’ boulder-sized blocks of melt in yo’mouth buttery fatty goodness…with a side of pork…One word: Lethal.
Happy b/c it’s time for my fave: Fromage!!!
What to choose, what to choose…
I chose them all!!!…And never looked back since 😀
BEST DAMN SOUFFLE EVERRRRRRR!!!! We literally licked the bowl…and the spoon…and then our fingers…was hoping to have gotten some stuck in my teeth for later…DIVINE!
So cute, so quaint, so French!!…and super affordable…Dinner for two with drinks: approx. $100…Loved it…
4 out of 5 stars!!!
Come back tonight for a little cafe action in Marais!


  1. Ok… after reading and reviewing this blog. My lunch feels very unsatisfying. I feel like jumping in my car and taking that drive to Chateau Ju De Khuu. Where I can find a rainbow of fromage. Of maybe we can make a Parisian Thanksgiving….eh?!?!

  2. Ah oui! Drive on down baby…Still got 4 chunks left of fromage heaven…and some vino to wash it all down 😀 I'll get back to you on that Thxgiving dinner tho…gotta check in with the chef

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