While June gloom’s been rearing it’s dreary head in these SoCal parts, I’m taking full advantage of all my transitional stylings until the weather gods summon up summer in here dude.

This means head-to-toe fashion-forward black as my ensemble of choice and just a pop of color for effect. Scored this gorgeous Kelly Wearstler coral and ebony dip-dyed shrunken jacket at her very first sample sale and I must say this baby garnered more attention that night than my sky-high red soled Loub beauties. It’s a tough call but I’ll admit rockin’ 8” heels sure does have a way of clearing the haze up in my head!
Does Christian have that same effect on you??




  1. OMG is all I can say about those heels and that food. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

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