It’s a well-known fact that wearing color can enhance your daily moods.

I’ve never been the girl with a monochrome closet preferring various shades of blacks and grays and nudes to dictate my #ootds.  The same can be said about my interior design style; I much prefer print on print, bold hues, and dramatic tints to inspire my thoughts and actions.
I’m a girl on the go, a gal with a dream, a mover, a shaker, a vision, a taker!
With 2016 coming to a very near close, I’m thinking BIG and allowing my attire to help dictate my direction… Because colors speak louder than words my loves…

 The Psychology of Color

Red: Love, Strength, Passion, Energy
Pink: Sweet, Playful, Compassionate, Sophisticated
Orange: Success, Social, Brave, Confident
Yellow: Happiness, Creativity, Cheer, Fun
Green: Nature, Healing, Freshness, Growth
Blue: Trust, Peace, Loyalty, Intellect
Purple: Royalty, Ambition, Luxury, Spirituality
Brown: Longevity, Austerity, Outdoors, Rugged
Black: Dramatic, Classy, Formal, Security
The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love
colour the most.” – John Ruskin




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